Friday, August 17, 2007

Rupert Murdoch Biography on the Way

This was posted by Murdoch shill Kate Coe. Doubleday is owned by Bertlesmann, the official Nazi publisher, and the Murdoch book will probably be a limited hangout. Will we read about Murdoch's criminal past in Australia? His bonds to the CIA and Mafia? His fascist propaganda techniques ... the murders made to look like "suicides?" I doubt it. That's the blogger's niche - however, some bloggers, like Kate Coe, are professional liars - this psychotic shrew-propagandist - Ann Coulter's twin sister? - hails from the Mockingbird media. What else could she be?

- AC

Wolff To Pen Murdoch Bio

"New York Post Media Ink columnist Keith Kelly reports that Vanity Fair's Michael Wolff will be penning a biography of Rupert Murdoch including the winning bid for Dow Jones. Wolff's September 2007 piece for Vanity Fair describes the News Corp. chair as having "held more power over more time than any other contemporary figure." Doubleday senior editor Phyllis Grann, who has been assigned the book, told The Post: '.. I want to know about him, what makes him tick. The Dow Jones deal is the culmination, perhaps, of what he's accomplished, but the deal is more his march to take over the establishment,' Grann said." — Ron Mwangaguhunga

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