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Professional Pedophile Apologist Mary Fischer Cited in Defense of Michael Jackson

Let's straighten out one of the leading arguments offered by those who defend Michael Jackson from accusations of pedophilia - the widely-reported $20-million "settlement" (bribe):

Catherine writes: "Actually, Michael Jackson argued hard for bringing charges of extortion, but he was vetoed by his own insurance company, which settled against his wishes, as well as friends such as Elizabeth Taylor, who despaired that he would be able to physically or emotionally withstand a trial. Do you not know how insurance companies work? In retrospect, it was an unwise decision to settle because the next extortionist hired the same attorney to represent her son/'victim.' Have you read 'Was Michael Jackson Framed?' by Mary A. Fisher, GQ Magazine, 1994."


Yep-yep, I've read it. That's Mary F-i-s-c-h-e-r, and I know much more about her than you do.

I first exposed Fischer as a hired-gun for pedophiles and a journalistic fraud 15 years ago, in Psychic Dictatorship in the USA (1994) - not in connection with Michael Jackson.

She's an adjunct to the National Man-Boy Love Association (NAMBLA), and has covered up crimes against children before - for pay.

Note that she did not sue me for libel because I documented - proved - that she is a professional liar who invents facts in the service of child molesters. If she ever did attempt to sue, she'd lose hands down. I have her dead to rights.

Just as the pharmaceutical or coal industries have prostitutes in the media to defend their corrupt interests, pedophiles can draw on the services of select "reporters" who smear their accusers and invent facts to defend them in the public print.

Mary Fischer is one of those painted ladies of the press.

The famed $20-million payout - about a tenth of Jackson's net worth at the time - was not the only bribe money passed by Jackson:

Excerpt: "Sex abuse charges plagued, tarnished Michael Jackson's career," by Larry Mcshane, NY Daily News, June 26th 2009

... Millions in Payouts

The jury also heard from another purported victim, who testified Jackson molested him when he was between the ages of 7 and 10. The young man, the son of a Neverland maid, received a $2.4 million settlement from Jackson.

The jury also heard that in 1993, Jackson paid a $20 million settlement to a 13-year-old boy.

The youth's mother testified that Jackson browbeat her into letting the teen share a bed with the pop star - and rewarded her the next day with a gold bracelet from Cartier. The mom recounted on the stand how the "sobbing, crying, shaking, trembling" singer shouted in anger when she balked at the sleeping arrangements.

"We're a family!" he reportedly yelled. "Why can't [he] sleep in my bed? ... Why don't you trust me?" ...

FACTS ARE NOT SO EASILY DISTORTED IN THE COURTROOM, AS THEY ARE IN THE MEDIA. BEFORE THE BENCH, JURY AND PRESS GALLERY, JACKSON'S ATTORNEY COULD HAVE ARGUED THAT THE INSURANCE COMPANY (AND LIZ TAYLOR) INSISTED ON A SETTLEMENT ... BUT HE DIDN'T. HE ARGUED - "INSISTED" ... "The singer's lawyer insisted the payments were made because Jackson didn't like 'courtrooms and lawyers,' preferring to focus on his musical career."

There you have it, a notarized transcript. The "settlement" (bribe) was Jackson's decision. This is the authorized "explanation" - not from a fraud, Mary Fischer, in a men' magazine, but Jackson's own legal representation in the courtroom, explained to the jury and press.

Where is documented evidence to support Fisher's claim? Ms Fischer invents facts to protect pedophiles.

Notes like yours, Catherine, are in the pedophilia advocacy category - you are citing distorted claims, per Fischer - one of the most dishonest "reporters" in the media - to arrive at a false conclusion. The "victim" - in quotes, your kick at a sexually abused child - really was a victim.

And Jackson was a perp. I've known this since a member of a well-known rock band explained to me that while shooting a video at Neverland, he saw child porn lying out in the open.

Then there was the famed child psychologist I went out with ten years ago who told me that she had patients who talked about Jackson's sexual impositions. (I live in Southern California.)

This is fun, too.

The self-proclaimed "King of Pop" was a pedophile who retained a District of Columbia PR firm and a stable of writers who have made dupes of celebrity worshippers like Catherine. I'm not one of them.

Celebrity worship is part of the fascist agenda.

- AC

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