Thursday, November 1, 2007

Satanism & Ritual Abuse - Supplemental Documentation

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Well done, Alex. Fantastic work. Other successful cases you might be interested in:

Plea bargain in ritual abuse case:

Conviction for SRA in Perth in 1991:

Man convicted of SRA:

Yorkshire man convicted of SRA:

Jury finds murdered child was daughter of satanic ritual abuse survivor

See also:

South African satanist gets jail for raping girl:

Best of luck! I'll let you know if I dig up anything else.


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Ang said...

Hi Alex,

It's especially hard to comprehend parents pimping out their own children and putting them through the horrors of blood rituals and trauma. It's almost easier to accept this being done by some freak who steals other people's kids, but their own parents doing it is what makes me want to vomit. I never heard of this kind of stuff when I was a kid back in the sixties and now it seems to be springing up everywhere including courtrooms and police stations. Senators and child sex seem to be too common to believe that this is unusual. These people are the government. They like death and filth and destroying everything beautiful and natural and real and anything with meaning seems to be something they immediately want to demoralize and destroy. What the hell is wrong with these "people"? I'm not sure you can answer that question and don't expect you to. What I did want to ask you is if this is more prevalent today than it was 40 years ago or if it's just that it's coming out more often? It's extremely disturbing to think that this filthy mold of the soul is spreading into every aspect of what so many people think of as normal life.

I also want to thank you for the work you do, I have learned a great deal from what you've written. I find myself ever more interested in discovering the filth of our little reality, as much as it disgusts me, it's still there isn't it. It needs to be known if for no more reason than self defense. I often wonder what else you know that you dare not write about. I can only imagine.

Take care and be well.