Tuesday, February 3, 2009

YouTube Video: Stephen Colbert Disses GW Bush



On April 29, 2006, Stephen Colbert, during the White House Correspondents dinner, stepped up and did what no other man in the media ever dared to do... . You see, Colbert agrees with President Bush. Colbert isn’t one to give into facts or statistics. Books are all facts, no heart. Colbert thinks with his gut. Just like the President. And it’s a well known fact that “truth has a liberal bias.”

It’s almost excruciating to watch. If you haven’t already, you can watch the entire thing on Google video. George W. Bush, who has been extremely careful through his presidency to avoid any direct contact with detractors or protestors of any kind, was forced to sit for 24 minutes and listen, with a strained fake smile, as Colbert’s rapier like wit cut at Bush again, and again, and again. During the more savage moments, the audience would groan in sympathy as the President was located a seat away from the Colbert.

The delay schadenfreude didn’t arrive until a year later when the President’s handler, fearful of another ‘incident,’ booked aging comedian Rich Little to host the event.

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