Saturday, May 17, 2008

Response to World

Yet again, while spelunking the digital wonderland, I came across a reference to myself as a "radical." It's bad enough that some misguided and controlled commentators consider me a "conspiracy theorist," but "radical" is a false perception bred by deliberate media distortions. Allow me to take a moment to list some of the planks of my "radical" agenda:

• exposing fascism, "friendly" or downright rude
• respect for human rights
• opposition to the murder of John Kennedy (by fascists) and many others
• racial equality
• opposition to poison in our food
• opposition to genocide, political murder and war profiteering
• opposition to homicidal and destabilizing covert operations
• exposing and ending organized child abuse
• exposing illicit, Nazi-like human experimentation
• exposing DoD-, CIA- and corporate-sponsored terrorism
• exposing the moonshine in the press

And so on. I look at this agenda, scratch my head. If the accepted norms are the opposite of my "radical" agenda, I'm in the wrong universe and looking for the exit door.

- AC

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Peter Greene said...

@A.C. - I read Psychic Dictatorship years and years ago - it stitched a lot of stuff together for me, from stuff I thought was a cult-of-Bob joke to some of the ugly surprises I had found over the years doing both 'real' research (i.e. for school) and my own strange and sometime abstruse pleasure reading (which tends to be not quite as autistic as phone books, although I like technical manuals...).

Your work has been catalytic for myself and many others.

Dude, whether you like it or not, you're pretty rad.

Sorry already for the bad pun,
Lord Reptor