Tuesday, April 29, 2008

FLORIDA: Political Big Shots Giving McCain's Campaign a Lift

Apr. 28, 2008

Candidates are required to list the occupation of donors who give $200 or more so that the public can see which industries and special interests are buying in, but the Federal Elections Commission rule is routinely flouted with mumbo jumbo like "information requested per best effort.''

Apparently, John McCain's campaign couldn't even dig up the identity of one Charles J. Crist Jr. of St. Petersburg, who gave $2,300 -- the maximum donation -- on March 11. Hmmmm . . . the name sounds vaguely familiar.

Other noteworthy names on the presumptive Republican nominee's most recent donor list: former House Speakers Allan Bense and John Thrasher, developers Mel and Brent Sembler, and political consultant Sally Bradshaw (formerly all of Mitt Romney's campaign) and political consultant Randy Enwright (formerly of Fred Thompson's campaign).

And here's one more: former Gov. Jeb Bush, who gave $1,000.


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