Wednesday, April 16, 2008

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Greetings from!

We've got 3 coolamundo movies for you to check out.

1 - Taxi to the Dark Side

This is the much talked about film about Guantanamo, torture and the death of a taxi driver. I wouldn't expect this one to stay up long, so grab it like a rabbit before they find it and pull it down.

2 - Big Sugar

This is episode one of two from the CBC about the big money, big power sugar lobby. It's not just the oil boys that have all the clout, check these guys out.

3 - The World According to Monsanto

A movie that will not be shown in the USA for some strange reason. Could it be because the criminals exposed in this film have a problem with that? Twits. The folks in France got to watch it and I think we should too. Especially since Monsanto wants to take over the world and all that; it's just the kind of thing people should know about.

We've also updated and spiffed up the reading section so if you're a reader take a peek and see if any of the ebooks appeal to you. The audio section is also redone but still in the works. More will be added shortly. If the darn staff around here wasn't so lazy maybe we could get things done on time. You just can't find good help these days, you know?

Swing on by if you have the time, we're always glad to see you.

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