Tuesday, May 6, 2008

'CIA Operative' Buried; Mystery Remains

May 6, 2008
KHOU.com staff report

HOUSTON -- Family members of Roland Carnaby said they had a private burial service Monday for the man killed by Houston police last week. Almost a week after the Pearland man led Houston police on a high-speed chase that ended is his death, his life is still a mystery.

Carnaby claimed to have been a CIA operative, an assertion that has yet to be refuted, but is doubted by investigators.

The chase began after Carnaby was pulled over for speeding, but when he handed over what appeared to be a CIA credential instead of his driver’s license, the officer grew suspicious. Police were going to arrest Carnaby on suspicion of impersonating a federal officer, but he took off.

The chase, which reached 122 miles per hour at one point, ended when Carnaby stopped and was shot by police as he reached for something in his car. Police thought he was reaching for a weapon, when instead it turned out to be a mobile phone.

His wife has since sued the Houston Police Department for killing her husband.


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