Monday, May 5, 2008

Response to Julian at TruthMove

The admins of have absolutely no interest in "swiftboating" you. That would serve no purpose whatsoever. Your name came up in the first place when one of us linked to your blog as a reference. That lead to one of our posters making critical comments about you, and a brief discussion.

In your discussion, I was characterized as a "No Planer." I explained that this is not true. I'm also not a "plane-hugger." I have expressed no opinion on the matter. So I corrected the record. I also have no relationship with a researcher in Team8, as you claimed, falsely. I corrected the record. What's the problem?
There appears to have been some confusion caused by the website Confusion that I feel is justified and that you have made no attempt to clarify. If this isn't your site, why are we unable to find any instance of you addressing its contents on this blog? If you had wanted to prevent some of the confusion we had over at TruthMove, you might have dealt with this issue sooner.

Never saw the site before. And I had no idea you were discussing me, so couldn't respond sooner. No one at your site bothered to contact me about the accusations you've made. I had to find them in a digital haystack.
Why would you be so concerned with what we have said on our forum, and have so little concern for a website that misrepresents you on its home page?

Because the site is not mine, and I've never seen it before in my life, had no awareness of it until about ten seconds ago. You seem to think that I know everything said on the Internet, and if I don't respond to whispers at the bottom of the Grand Canyon, I'm guilty of something.
While I do not speak for all our posters, and agree with some of their concerns, I would certainly apologize if it appeared as though TruthMove as an organization were attacking you.

Well, now that you mention it, I've been waiting for an apology.
We are aware of your work and know that you have contributed much to deep political inquiry. While no one is above critique, we generally attempt to be as responsible in that critique as possible.

Personally, I don't believe that Nico Haupt is a valid source for anything, and find it troubling that you have called what he presents "evidence" while posting a video about TV fakery. That certainly doesn't detract from the good work you have done. However, as Nico has done a great deal of damage to the movement, there are many who would not find referencing his work to be kosher.

The movement concentrates on falling buildings, and this has rendered it less knowledgeable about politics and covert operations and fascism than it should be. When a Comair plane crashed in Lexington a couple of years ago, a movement that should have recognized it as connected to 9/11 missed that fact. I hope you see my point. Things go down you should all understand, and you don't because you all argue about airplanes and falling buildings, not the perpetrators and how they do things. The endless forensics arguments have left the entire movement politically illiterate - and guess who has to make up the slack? Nico is one of many forensic researchers, and I think all of you should hang it up and GET POLITICAL.

Stop pretending to be scientists and engineers and scrambling for position and be political researchers.

I blame you all.

In my opinion, your response to one snotty remark on our site, a bit of critique, and a couple of mis-statements was excessive. I could turn this around and wonder why you are attacking us, but we have no reason to be defensive. We aren't really worried about how your opinion might impact our organization.

That sounds pretty defensive to me. I WAS angry, justifiably, but have cooled. Words were put in my mouth, and I was linked to people I barely know.
However, we also don't want to mis-state the facts at hand. So rather than our over-reacting to one another's comments, perhaps you could clarify you affiliation with the website bearing your name and why you seem unconcerned about Nico's widely known reputation, and we could put this to rest.

I have NO RELATIONSHIP whatsoever to the site you mention. It isn't mine, even though someone put my name on it. I've never seen it before. To my knowledge, it did not exist. I don't know who it belongs to. Does that "clarify" my "affiliation." There isn't one. Clarify YOUR affiliation to Son of Sam. Do you honestly believe that I go around calling myself "The New Mae Brussell?" Get real.

What is this obession with connecting me to people and sites I don't even know, anyways? Why don't you stop it? TruthMove has not been truthful about me, and continues to exacerbate the situation with innuendo.

I won't respond to any more of your provocations. Work is done here, and I have no time for games that you picked up from a movement that eats its own. I'm saying: leave me be and don't consider me one of you. I'm not a "no-planer," not a "plane-hugger," I'm an anti-fascist. I have a real life and real problems and responsiblities. This nonsense isn't one of them.

Go ahead, smear me, you have my permission - link me to sites I've never even seen, call me names and use gobs of innuendo to do it, pile on the guilt by association. I have work to do, and when I'm done, I may turn to find out why exactly your "truth" site is making ersatz claims, and tying me up in pointless arguments.

- AC

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