Thursday, May 1, 2008

Response to Victronix

By Alex Constantine
(revised w/points that needed to be expressed)

Notice: This is a false statement ...

"FYI, Alex Constantine has taken the word of Nico Haupt and the Webfairy as the truth. He has tried to label a good researcher as a spy. He did no research himself but took the word of the no-planers. That's along the lines of Tarpley, if not worse."

As I explained to Haupt a few years ago, I DON'T DO FORENSICS, and don't pretend to be an engineer.

Stop lying about me. I've NEVER written about "no-planes," NEVER even used the phrase "no planes" in a sentence.

SO HOW IS IT I AM PROMOTING "NO PLANES?" I have never so much as uttered an opinion on the matter.

I have never talked to Nico Haupt about no-planes ...

SO HOW IS IT I HAVE "TAKEN HIS WORD FOR IT?" BTW, Nico doesn't expect anyone to take "his word" for it - he posts video evidence.

I've never written about planes OR controlled demolition, with the exception of the NIST report, which is not right, as I've explained. So the statement that I took the word of the no-planers is an outright LIE. I do think that controlled demolition is a real probability. So? I'm not alone. A fair percentage of New Yorkers believe it, too.

Who did I label as a "spy" who isn't one? Can't respond to a charge that isn't specific.

I have no use for Tarpley and the LaRouchians - only amateurs think that our research is comparable.

I am a legit reporter and researcher.

You are a l-i-a-r.

BTW, a response to your vicious gossip was posted by "Christs4Sale," an administrator at the site you used to lie about me, and I have little argument with it. In case you missed it:

Oh thanks Victronix. I have seen references to Nico on his blog. He is someone who I regard as good with some things and generally not so great in more recent years. I should email Alex on the topic of Nico and see how he responds. I read his site because he sometimes finds interesting articles that can be source sourced.

[AC Note: Sometimes? It's all interesting. My blog - if you don't like it, leave it.]

I think his books that he wrote in the 90s were generally really good and grounded in Mae Brussell's work. Virginia McCullough who is the current possessor of Mae Brussell's archives apparently trusted Alex Constantine enough to give him access to the archives, but I think that was over ten years ago.

[AC Note: Wrong. Please write to Virginia to verify. You try to track my movements? I don't track yours. Last time I had access to the Mae Brussell archive was in preparation for "Fascism in America," about six months ago. Why can't my "critics" get anything straight? I'm always correcting them .. BTW, Virginia likes me fine, I am her friend. She says that I am a part of Mae's "legacy." Very nice of her to write that. Are you? Or do you just gossip a lot, track my movements, read my "really good" books - and attribute theories to me that I have never written about, and relationships with people I don't know very well?]

I should have mentioned that he gives credit to people like Nico when I posted the link to his story. It is interesting that the article reads similar to how Nico posts his articles. Heavily outlined and difficult to follow (for me at least).

[AC note: "I have seen references to Nico on his blog?" So? I've seen references to the Waffen SS on yours ... Nico Haupt, like many others on the Internet, learned to do research largely from me. So they have all borrowed my techniques. This approach is efficient, and I outline as Mae Brussell did to document everything with brevity. "Difficult to follow" is irrelevant and lazy, IMHO. And I only do outlines once in awhile. Mostly, I write articles or post research excerpts. Outlining is how "sourcing" was done by Mae, and I picked it up because it is useful for communicating loads of information and keeping to the point. If it's good enough for Mae Brussell, I should care about your opinion?]

I should also mention that Alex Constantine presented at a Cynthia McKinney (when she was in the House of Representitives) event about the topics covered in the Covert War Against Rock.

[AC note: Only partly true, I'm afraid. I made my speech at the Congressional Black Caucus Brain Trust Conference, hosted not by McKinney alone, but the entire caucus, a couple of years ago. The CBC paid for my flight. My speech was standing room only, and it was about political assassinations and the destruction caused by state propaganda. McKinney and I don't get along.]

I also never would have discovered the great documentary, All Power to the People, if it wasn't for Alex Constantine's blog.

It is interesting that several of the people around Mae are now promoting no planes theories in some capacity. The other being Tim Canale of the website,

[He's not my ex-minister or anything ... I do my own work and sign it. Pairing me with anyone is The Barack Obama Express. AND I'VE NEVER USED THE WORDS "NO PLANE" IN A SENTENCE, SO WHAT THE HELL ARE YOU TALKING ABOUT?

Nico Haupt (who I've exchanged roughly 10 words with in the past year) speaks for himself, and like you, I agree with him on some things, disagree on others. What is this attempt to bond me to people I hardly know, and theories I've never written about? Screw you. You are wrong.

I posted a few videos that looked interesting. This doesn't suggest that I am anyone's dupe. I posted a story today from Reuters. Am I "promoting" Reuters, too? By your logic, I am. GET IT STRAIGHT:


Do you like people sloppily attributing theories to you that you've never written about? Neither do I. Please cease and desist.

Can we have a little more competence from the critics, please?]

- AC

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