Wednesday, May 7, 2008

TruthMove.Org 9/11 Censorship Connection: WQ2RX, John Albanese, Alex Floum & Fred Burks, Towing the Government's Line on 9/11 and John Albanese:


Alex Floum and Fred Burks:

Postscript: Fred Burks and the Bali Bombing

Conscientious whistle-blower or American traitor?

A 9/11 TruthSeeker? Fred Burks with Joel Schalit, a managing editor of the controlled-left Tikkun journal

Fred Burks was a State Department interpreter in Indonesian for almost two decades. After resigning his contract when asked to sign a confidentiality agreement, he suddenly appeared as a defence witness in the case of Abu Bakar Ba'asyir who masterminded the Bali bombing. His testimony was instrumental in Ba'asyir's acquittal on terror charges. In court, he divulged the details of a secret meeting between Indonesian President Megawati and CIA and NSA operatives who demanded Megawati arrest Ba'asyir and hand him over which put pressure on the Indonesian court to give Ba'asyir a wrist slap. Fred Burks: Conscientious whistle-blower or American traitor? You decide.
posted on May 8, 2005

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