Monday, May 5, 2008

The TruthMove.Org Controversy (Introduction)

"The fact remains that almost no one is immune to criticism."

The site is all worked up about "peak oil."

It claims that I am "controversial." That's because I bristled at being categorized a "no planer" when I've never expressed an opinion on the subject, don't even do video analysis or forensics, and didn't particularly care to be lied about.

You'll find other nonsense there.

Julain Ware says he is not concerned with my opinion of his site. I hadn't thought much about it until finding out at that I'm a dupe of Nico Haupt - news to me. Haupt keeps his distance from me. He can keep on doing that. There is no connection, though I did post some of his work in the past. But that wasn't about airplanes, it was about cults and such.

Max Jones & Julian Ware are the founders of

The site has snidely attacked me recently, cliaming that I have affiliations with people and sites I know little about, if at all.

They also claimed that I've had no association with the Mae Brussell files for ten years - try six months ago, as Virginia McCullough, who oversees the files, can confirm.

An administrator, Julian Ware, claims that I have "worked with Webfairy" of 9/11 Truth fame. I've never worked with her in any way. Julian also claims that I'm the proprietor of a site that says so - because my name is in the URL. Someone please inform Julian that a URL usually contains a posts's subject, not the identity of the person doing the posting.

He has muddied the issue by claiming that the site "bears my name." Julian should know that 99.8 percent of the sites that "bear my name" on reprinted articles have no relationship with me whatsoever.

But it's important to Julian to link my name to something or someone else, even if I've never heard of the people I've supposedly bedded. If my name appears somewhere, I'm "affiliated."

I've also been compared to Webster Tarpley by a poster. Everyone knows that's a bogus comparison.

So I own sites I've never heard of, "work with" people I don't know, and am like someone who believes the Queen of England is the heart of all evil.

Who are these bullshitters? Incompetent researchers or worse?

Julian Ware B.A. Sociology, U.C. Santa Cruz Truth Movement facilitator

Does this guy make a living as a "facilitator?" I thought he taught music at his day job. That's what he SHOULD do, and leave the research to people who aren't irresponsible, like him, the little mendicant tout.

New 9/11 Related Website Launches

We are two NYC 9/11 activists, Max and Julian, and we'd like to introduce you to our new website, This site will be the centerpiece of a new organization dedicated to promoting consciousness of false history, deception and social control.

We've been active in the movement for years, recently working closely with Nick Levis and John Albanese. ...

Re John Albanese:

Curiously very much like a shill, he constantly does things that he accuses other people of doing (isn't there a word for that?) People will be having a perfectly valid and interesting discussion on some aspect of the collapses, and because no one wants to talk about proof of hijackers (funding) with John he'll pop in on the discussion just to tell everyone that they are wasting their time, hurting the movement, bla bla bla.

John's film, Everybody's Gotta Learn Sometime, isn't exactly popular in the movement - 140,000 views in 7 months versus 780,000 views in 2 months for 9/11 Mysteries: Demolitions. Are you starting to see why John doesn't like CD theories?

While I'm sure John is a person who is genuinely inetrested in getting the truth about 9/11 out, his actions are more consistent with someone who doesn't want people to talk about controlled demolition of the towers for some reason. His explanation is that it isn't good for the movement. The number of views of 9/11 Mysteries would seem to put the lie to that. No, no, you don't understand, says John. Fox News seizes on CD arguments to discredit us. John, does it ever occur to you that the reaon they try to discredit CD is because a) it is right and b) it is popular?

See, if we all listened to John we would be telling everyone that Pakistan paid the al Qaeda hijackers who pulled off 9/11. This will then be broadcast on every major network's newscast (they haven't yet because no one listens to John and no one has told them about it).

By now it should be abundantly clear to most people, and if not I'll repeat it--that the Pakistan money angle is one half of the last ditch effort to stop 9/11 truth. That effort is two-fold. On the one hand, get some shills in on the ground floor with the really convincing stuff--CD, building 7, the Pentagon. That seems to have been Fetzer playing the impartial guy who then decides that Wood and Reynolds, not so much his buddy Steve Jones, deserve the attention. Bang--physical evidence discredited by association with career conspiracy theorist Fetzer and the road runner cartoon people (including the Charles Manson lookalike Nico Haupt.)

But wait--what if the movement then just splinters into serious physical evidence people and the obviously fake people?? No, they have that covered too. The debate will be framed as proponents of physical evidence (Judy Jetson, Reynolds Wrap, and Uncle Fetzer) against circumstancial evidence people (the "great" Paul Thompson, Nafeez Ahmed, Mike Ruppert) and whoever remains who actually wants to join the freakshow has two choices--the circus freaks and the "serious" researchers into werid sounding stuff that ultimately just supports the official version.

Brilliant plan, except for one teeny tiny detail. No one's buying it. As we can see from the figures for John's no CD limited hangout flick versus 9/11 Mysteries DEMOLITIONS, the people, the masses, our intended audience, has made its choice. They can handle basic science--they know BS when they see it.

So after No Planes flopped to the point where this site had to block it or risk being accused of abetting obvious nonsense, we then got space beams! Notice no one is trying to come up with bogus theories about Pakistan to muddy those waters? Where is the "Giant Lizards posing as Pakistanis wired the money to Atta, who is a reptillian shape shifter, to aid the hijackings" theory? Could it be that CD is targeted with BS theories that seem related, while the limited hangout LIHOP stuff is free to pass itself off as serious?

Thankfully, shill tactics get easier and easier to spot once theyve been at it for long enough. Never EVER take the path of least resistance--it is ALWAYS trouble. It is always a trap for the lazy and/or unaware. Anyway, kep on truthin' everyone!

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