Friday, November 7, 2008

FRAPH'S Emmanual "Toto" Constant, Ally of CIA and Proconsul McCarry, Sentenced to 30 Years

November 6, 2008

EMMANUEL "Toto" Constant, chief of a CIA-backed Haitian death squad that massacred, tortured and terrorized thousands of his compatriots, and whose accomplices later collaborated with another agent — the U.S. proconsul for Cuba, Caleb McCarry — has just been sentenced in New York to 30 years in prison.

The only thing is, he was not sentenced for crimes against humanity but for a multi-million-dollar real estate fraud.

Some commentators even call this mercenary the "Haitian Savimbi," on account of his blind collaboration with the CIA and the U.S. embassy in Port-au-Prince, in the U.S. dirty war against the legitimate government of Jean-Bertrand Aristide.

Several lieutenants under this gangster — who has never been tried for his horrific crimes and who is protected by the Bush administration — led the mercenary troops who kidnapped and expelled the Haitian president from his country on February 29, 2004 as part of a plan directed by McCarry.

Two of Constant’s accomplices, mercenaries Louis Jodel Chamblain and Jean Tatoune, led what the CNN described as the "rebel forces," together with another CIA ally and ringleader, Guy Philippe, appearing on the Dominican border and occupying the Haitian capital with the support of Yankee forces.

In New York in 2006, Constant was arrested and charged with running a scam to raise the price of certain properties to exaggerated levels by selling them to straw men.

When Judge Abraham Gerges sentenced Constant to 30 years, he noted that the criminal had a "truly atrocious history of violence, murder, torture and intimidation."

For years, the Haitian community has been unsuccessfully demanding Constant’s imprisonment for all of the crimes he has committed against the people of that Caribbean island.

In 2004, thanks to a civil lawsuit brought by a group of human rights lawyers, the Haitian assassin who has become a New York millionaire was sentenced to pay $19 million in compensation to three women who were tortured and raped by his troops under indescribably horrible circumstances.

However, U.S. Justice Department authorities did nothing when the time came to charge this loyal associate of the State Department and U.S. intelligence services.

McCarry continues to lead the organization created by Bush to spy on, subvert and overthrow the Cuban Revolution.

In the same way that he used criminal elements to achieve his objectives in Haiti in 2004, McCarry is now running the Bush Plan against Cuba and its "secret appendix," together with the most recalcitrant terrorist capos of the Cuban-American Mafioso fauna.

All of that in perfect coordination with the same White House that has protected Luis Posada Carriles and Orlando Bosch and continues to incarcerate the five Cuban anti-terrorist fighters who were monitoring their activities.

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