Sunday, January 11, 2009

Jim Zorn Listens to Dr. Laura

Wikipedia: "James Arthur "Jim" Zorn (born May 10, 1953 in Whittier, California), is the current American football head coach of the Washington Redskins, and a former quarterback of the National Football League. Zorn was a left-handed quarterback, and is best known as the youthful and charismatic leader of the (then-expansion) Seattle Seahawks of the National Football League (NFL), for their first seven-and-a-half seasons. He was the quarterbacks coach for the Seattle Seahawks in the 2007 season. The Washington Redskins named Zorn its 27th head coach on February 9, 2008."
Jim Zorn Listens to Dr. Laura

One of my favorite press-box diversions this Redskins season was the old "Guess Jim Zorn's Political Inclinations" game. On the one hand, he's best friends with a prominent Republican voice (Steve Largent), goes mountain biking with a White House entourage and booted an Obama organizer out of Redskins Park. On the other hand, he spent years in the crunchy Northwest, went to school at Cal Poly Pomona, once said he might have been an artist if he didn't enter coaching and has performed with a symphony. I might be trafficking in some stereotypes here, but I think there were enough clues that could have encouraged backers of most political stripes.

Well, I'm calling an end to the game, after reading Zorn's lengthy and predictably fascinating health and wellness Q&A at the Redskins Blog. There are plenty of highlights--Jim Zorn loves snowboarding!--but to me, the standout quote was this:

"I've heard on the radio Dr. Laura Schlessinger -- she is a talk show host that has some real sense, I admire her a lot -- and I always remember her saying, 'The only irresistible impulse a person has is the one he hasn't resisted.' There's a lot of people around our country that are making excuses for doing the wrong thing, and we live in a victim society. We're always the victim. 'I don't' have enough time?' What do you mean, 'I don't have enough time?' If you are going to achieve the decision you make, you make time.' "

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lolita said...

Has Zorn been hood winked ? Or does he listen for that entertaining doctor routine? Too bad most of her listeners are fooled. It doesn't help when she gets by claiming she's "licensed" [again in her blog: Kids and Questions About the Tough Stuff, December 8, 2008]
There is no known active license.

"dr" Laura did chirp in with a fix for the VT massacre in the Santa Barbara News-Press. She first ignored what many theraphists would consider, that is the warning signs [like her son sent out]. She goes hardcord, guns in school is her answer. She calls what she does "moral" something, won't cop to giving advice. If you can endure her convoluted meanderings, the message was guns in school, for boys only. She can't come out and say she opposes women in the sevice or that she supports a draft, but that's what she's getting to. Fine, just say it! She is so not as advertised "the no nonsense, tell it like it is" is an act, false advertising. She was known in town for yellow journalism.
Too bad her true "Hoolywood" story isn't told.