Wednesday, June 11, 2008

Wayne Madsen's Bogus Intelligence "Sources"

Alex Constantine Rant

" ... One of the over 120 Israeli 'art students' who cased federal office buildings and military bases during a year and a half before the 9/11 attacks has revealed details of her 'assignment' in the United States to a WMR source. ... "

Since when do "terrorists" dance in public while buildings burn - and give themselves away? Since drawing attention to themselves was the very idea. The 120 teenage students didn't merely "case" government agencies - they walked right up to the door of the DEA, asked questions, made a display of themselves by behaving in an ostentatiously suspicious manner.

Why is Madsen implying that the dancing, ADOLESCENT Israeli students were involved in 9/11, and not planted to draw suspicion away from domestic involvement? They were decoys, and had no role in 9/11, though they did leave suspicious trails - that go nowhere. (Self-implicating decoys have been a feature of domestic intelligence operations since the Kennedy assassination. Charles Willoughby - at the core of the Dallas murder plot - used decoys extensively to confuse anyone looking into the murder after the fact. That is why false trails lead to the USSR, Castro, Mafia, etc.)

This moonshine from Wayne Madsen is par for the course. Most reports at WMR originate with an anonymous "source" from within the intelligence underground.

One I wouldn't touch with a 10-foot pole.

One of Wayne's sources WAS revealed - by me - a couple of years ago in reference to the Plame leak - Richard Armitage. Remember how an invaluable, unimpeachable "WMR source" blew a shrill whistle, supposedly, on "pending indictments" of Rove and Cheney ... for an entire year ... that never materialized?

Madsen didn't reveal his source then, held it close to his extra-large vest - it was eventually reported by the "mainstream" press that Armitage, WMR's State Department "source," was himself responsible for leaking Plame's CIA status. Killer Pimp Armitage - never named by Madsen - was a perfectly "reliable" source, Wayne opined time and again, up to the very day Fitzgerald issued his indicment of Libby (and not the parties named by Madsen month after month with unshakable conviction).

Isn't Madsen impressive with his "reliable" and important-sounding "sources?"

I know of another of Wayne's wonderful sources in the CIA - this one claims the Saudis were behind 9/11. That "source" also feeds a witch's brew of real information and nonsense to Joe Trento, whose books are cooked, worthless, and I've been writing on the CIA for 20 years. This particular source works closely with GERALD POSNER, the most obvious CIA shill in the world, but Madsen has no trouble with that.

If the Israeli art students were mass-murdering "terrorists," why is one of them confessing to Wayne Madsen? Why draw so much attention to themselves? Why isn't she in hiding? Doesn't she fear or her life, now that she has pointed the finger at the "art student" role in 9/11 - dancing in the streets, and so on.

Madsen, the former NSA operative, is schizophrenic about it - he will swing in any direction that his "credible" sources lead him. Saudis, Israelis - so long as it isn't SAIC and the DoD, CIA, NSA, etc., where blame for 9/11 really lies.

And for this tripe, he runs a pay site. Good grief ...

- AC

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Anonymous said...

AC I am a big fan of yours and have shared similiar black-op harrassment as you did in years past. but I have to disagree with you here. I think you are convuluting the stories of the 5 "dancing Israel's", who were dressed in arab garb and tried to draw attention themselves as Arabs. One one of the Urban Moving Vans was stopped, these 5 were caught red-handed in Arab garb. What most people dont know is that there was another van caught with explosives and they tried to run. Not only that, this van had an actual logo of a jet flying into twin towers with a bullseye drawn over the appox. area of the second strike.

I tend to believe that many of these other "art students" may have been decoys, but then they showed up again in Katrina a day after Katrina had already passed NOLA and proved to be of minimal damage. It wasn't until 24 hrs later, that two different highly unusual levee breaches and then of course the Danube Bridge shootout between a team of army men and police, and a team of people attempting to set explosives at a 3rd levee.

There is a ton of info on this. And it is possible that the NYC zionist billionaire's had Netanyahu and other Israeli's involved in a secondary capacity, but when you consider all the pieces of the puzzle... Israeli security co.'s were responsible at all the airports in question.(Do a search on YouTube for the video "9-11 Reichstag" and you will see this report of the captured van on York St. with explosives and Israeli ops . This report, just like so many other reports on Israeli subversive activities including treason, have been being covered up for decades at increasingly alarming speed. The four part Fox series on Israeli involvement pratically disappeared from the Fox website in a few days. YEt everything they stated on there was absolute fact. Try checking out a couple sites like and, along with the news story archives at David Irvings He has been keeping track of these censored news reports involving Israeli false flags going back decades as reported by reputable European sources mostly. the US is completely controlled against any criticism as we saw with one of the most honest politicians of our lifetimes... Jimmy Carter. Read Israel Shamir's article about the vicious attacks on Carter that never addressed one single point he brought up about the Israel apartheid behavior in the ever shrinking West bank and Gaza. A site maintained by a down to earth elderly American couple puts it into perspective.

And how come I never see you discuss the aerosol spraying of the population as if we were bugs? Considering your extensive research into this type of covert technology, Id of thought you'd be all over that subject. Even a NAsA spokesmen has confirmed it now after almost a decade of denial despite dozens of 100-300 page classified documents into these bio and chem attacks on the gen public. Tens of thousands have become extremely sick in california alone. Sites like,,, and the research work of Dr gwen scott, Dr.Randy Wymore, Dr. hildy Staninger, and many others have tons of proof. Hopefully this is something you will explore soon as I think that these programs of releasing nanoparticulate toxins into our atmosphere in the 100;s of tons daily with ingredients like barium, aluminum oxide, and unidentified nanopaticulates using the same nanoscale cyber optic technology of the modern nano tech research. This 'chaff" and "smart dust" is so fine, we are breathing it into our lungs on a daily basis. If your immune system is strong, you will soon find yourself with hideous lesions all over your body emitting bizarre multi-colored fibers that are unflammable up to 1600 degrees. Even the Fbi couldn't pin point what this material was despite having tens of thousands of all kinds of materials in their database.

And the coup d' grace for me is that outright vicious and aggressive campaign being used by dozens of govt. and .mil intel agencies, along with all the main players in the Us defense industry, as well as the labs they use. i.e. raytheon, boeing,,, NAsA, and NOAA, not to mention the bigshots in the medical and pharma industries...

I know you are one of the best at uncovering and researching this type of stuff after reading Psychic Dictatorship, so I would hope you'd spend some time looking into it. THe air force paper pushed and signed by neocons called "Weather as a Force Multiplier" says a lot. I believe weather weapon technology has been used every year since the 2003 Bam, Iran quake, the 2004 Tsumani, many of the hurricanes of 2005, as well as the barrage of activity lately including the Chilean volcano happening at the same time as the China quake. HAve you noticed that the China and Chile events happened at exact opposite parts of the globe? Look at a globe and you'll see. if you were to stick a knitting needle at the center of China's quake, it would come out the other side at the Chile event. Some people blamed this on the testing phase of the CERN collider built in Switzerland. This could be true, but I also know HAARP and probably most of the 50+ weather mod programs carrying on everyday in secret here in the US.

We are being ruled by pyschopaths who've been planning to reduce the world population by anywhere from 80 to 95 percent. This is documented.

Perhaps the most damning evidence of all, is the fact that when I began in late 2005 to awaken the sleeping sheep of the US to these verifiable facts, many chose to outright dismiss it and refuse to even bother to read a couple minimal articles....Within weeks, I was tracerouting hacking attempts from all sorts of .gov., .mil, and .edu sites. Not just traceroutes, but router and firewall logs too.

This is killing thousands and needs to be attacked now. IMO, any "global warming" advocate who won't adress aerosol ops and the secrecy behind it, are scam artists. This includes Gore. If any of you ever attend any of these global warming events, please ask these talking heads why govt. agencies are dumping 1000's of tons daily on the population, lying about it and the fact that dozens of lab tests have confirmed heavy concentrates of toxic ingredients such as aluminum oxide, barium, and even virus's preserved in freeze-dried erythocites.