Thursday, February 14, 2008

Why NutraSweet Causes Obesity (It isn't Pretty)

By Alex Constantine

There is epidemic confusion over the established fact that aspartame, or NutraSweet, causes obesity. The American Beverage Assn. is in the pocket of NutraSweet Co., and is prone to false and irresponsible statements concerning the product's deleterious effects on health ...

From: American Beverage Ass. makes an Ass. out of themselves; again!
Julia Havey
July 24, 2007

"Just when you thought denial couldn't get any better; this just in from the American Beverage Ass. (the same people who swear that high fructose laced soft drinks aren't at all to blame for Obesity!):

"Susan Feely, president of the American Beverage Association, said the notion that diet drinks are associated with bulging waistlines defies common sense. 'How can something with zero calories that’s 99 percent water with a little flavoring in it ... cause weight gain?' she said."

Common sense does explain it once simple facts are established.

The consumer hasn't been informed of them, and the vacuum left behind - by media censorship on a level that amounts to criminal collusion - is filled by misconceptions: Ms. Havey, the author of the article, wonders: "maybe it has to do with the messed up caloric logic that us overweight folks have! We think that the mere fact that we are drinking a 'zero calorie' drink enables us to wash a cookie down with it, or a Big Mac (I know, McDonald's isn't to blame for Obesity either!.......right!) or pizza! I think we 'can' have something more caloric since we are 'saving' calories on the soda! ... "

The simplest explanation - supported by independent, controlled studies - is in the chemical/rDNA composition of NutraSweet.

The drug breaks down in the body to methanol, and further degrades to formalehyde. The human body is not made to absorb formaldehyde and has no idea what to do with it. So the body stores the noxious toxin in fat cells ... and in time the fat is saturated with formaldehyde ... So the brain signals the body for more simple carbohydates - to create enough fat to store the chemical - with a craving for potato chips, donuts, cupcakes and other fattening foods. The poor dieter doesn't understand why the pounds keep piling on, and drinks more diet soda to compensate. Vicious cycle. The cravings for carbohydrates only become more intense; the formaldehyde accretes in the fat cells until the body bloats and disease settles in.

For more information, see "NutraFear and NutraLoathing in Augusta, Georigia," by me, posted on the Web (I'm too lazy and shiftless just now to search for it.)

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