Thursday, August 6, 2009

Warning: Alex Constantine Impersonator Sends Harassing E-Mails

Someone "out there" is sending e-mails in my name, harassing primarily victims of CIA mind control. I don't do much e-mailing, and when I do the messages tend to be brief. If anyone else receives one of the harassment e-mails, please let me know, and forward the message along so the authorities can follow up. I expect anything from the bottom-feeders, and this isn't all that surprising. Fascists have been trying to trip me up for years - much of it is operant conditioning designed to subvert my efforts to expose fascism, and each stab at me is intended to be cumulative, to wear me down with harassment. Another means to the same end is perception management, marginalization, depicting me as some kind of problem so people will reject my anti-fascist message. My true e-mail address is posted in the sidebar. - AC

Dear Alex Constantine,

Someone with your name and email wrote me a long long letter which I know must be someone impersonating you. I am a victim of gang stalking.

Please send me a real short email and I may believe it really is you this time!!! Since I know the CIA is capable of impersonating you now, they probably will have to kill me because I won´t pretend this didn´t happen.


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