Monday, June 9, 2008

How is Pastor John Hagee "Pro-Israel" when he Prays for Destruction of Israel???

Excerpt: Pastor John Hagee To Bless `Eagle's Nest`: Hitler Stirs in Grave

... How Pro-Israel is Hagee really? John Hagee and his Cornerstone Church members sing for the invasion and devastation of Israel, quite literally, hardly a "pro-Israel" behavior and Hagee's strangely transfigured version of what used to be classic Christian Zionism doesn't look at all like Hitler's Nazi movement, nor does Hagee have Panzers and Stukas, but the Middle East is quite heavily armed and tensions are always high--so Hagee and CUFI don't really need the heavy armaments. Those are already in place and so one single act of terrorism could set the entire end-times conflict in motion.

And, as CUFI Regional Director Billye Brim has pointedly declared in an internationally televised Believer's Voice Of Victory segment, "God's plan" doesn't simply happen of its own accord. Humans make it happen. Chirped Brim, to millions maybe, "It takes you."

In the end, from a functional perspective, Hitler's envisioned "Final Solution" for Jews and John Hagee's eschatological vision on the role he expects Israel and Jews will play in the "end-time" apocalyptic drama don't look all that different and, as observers such as author of The End of Days: Fundamentalism and The Struggle For The Temple Mount Gershom Gorenberg have noted, Hagee's end-time drama doesn't end very well for Jews who, in fact, disappear altogether in the third or fourth part of the five-part drama and that's sobering considering that, for Hagee, CUFI members and Christian Zionists around the world it's no play at all or, to put it differently as would Shakespeare, all the world's a stage and the play's the march of history, towards the long awaited, longed for Apocalypse, and, to make that happen... "It takes you".

In clinical terms, the loudly and perhaps quite sincerely professed love of Christians Zionists for Jews is not the sort that leads to marriage and more or less happy or at least peaceful or even grudging coexistence. Rather, it's the sort of love held for a wife by an abusive husband (or vice versa) who beats her and then, when she tries to flee the home and the abuse, shoots her or, to draw the lies more clearly to CUFI, convinces someone else to shoot her.

Pastor John Hagee has repeatedly declared publicly, while more or less simultaneously giving televised lectures on the Book of Revelations, that his and CUFI's obsession with Israel have nothing whatsoever to do with eschatology and that claim is, technically, impossible to really confirm or disprove but it's nonetheless plainly absurd and if Hagee truly loved Jews one would think he wouldn't promote, in such profusion and with such gusto and dedication, classic anti-Jewish stereotypes and slurs. ...

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