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LAURA KNIGHT-JADCZYK, Creature from the Internet's Occult Black Lagoon

By Alex Constantine (Revised a bit)

Jew-Baiting Occult Channeler LAURA KNIGHT-JADCZYK, a Throwback to Thule and Golden Dawn

There is an occult "channeler" on the Internet at the *Signs of the Times* site who is claiming that Alex Constantine is "co-opting" the 9/11 Truth Movement - chilling:


"After a few days of exchanges, providing referenced material for discussion, and being flamed by such luminaries as ... Alex Constantine, I realized that it is really, really true: the 911 Movement is co-opted to the very core, and probably always has been."

The notion that I am co-opting the 9/11 Truth Movement - at "the very core" yet - comes as a surprise to me. I've never given a talk on 9/11, written a book on the topic, joined in a chat room discussion, or even attended a conference. Yet I am "co-opting the movement." Perhaps it is her deepest fears speaking ... but, hey, I was here first. The 9/11 Movement has co-opted ME! And what a fine group of people. One flank of this grassroots movement, though, is made up of of "false-flag" thespians who claim that Jews were behind the destruction in Manhattan. LAURA KNIGHT-JADCZYK is a leading proponent of this viewpoint.

LAURA KNIGHT-JADCZYK claims to be a writer, also a hypnotherapist.

She is obsessed with Jews and writes about them constantly. Laura's preoccupation with Jewish people has historical antecedents, none of them very pleasant.

This intelligent, sensitive author, "channeller" of the dead and scientist claims that "Jews control the media." Thus, my "flames." But an objective comparison with the National Alliance seemed apt to me. Perhaps her antagonism toward me stems from the fact that I'm an anti-Nazi ... and I write about cults ... What do you know? As it happens, the source of these startling revelations is a "Cassiopaean," a cultist - as in Thule-variety occult CHANNELER ... and raving anti-Semite.

She talks to the dead and predicts the end of the world. It's coming soon. Reeks of cult mind control, I know, but she claims in tears that anyone who objects to her offensive, occult, racist MOONSHINE is a "COINTELPRO agent."

This is from a blog discussion on Ms. Knight-Jadczyk:


Who are "the Cassiopaeans"?

After thirty years of study and two years of dedicated experimentation, detailed in Laura's autobiography, Amazing Grace, the Cassiopaean communications began with a source identifying itself as "the Cassiopaeans." This source claimed to Laura that "We are you in the future"- or a "higher self" in popular parlance. The most probable explanation is: it was Laura talking to her subconscious mind, or communicating with what the psychologist and philosopher C.G. Jung called "collective unconscious"

What is important to note at the outset is this: the Cassiopaeans are NOT "aliens," nor are they "discarnate entities."

"We are you in the Future," they said. "We transmit 'through' the opening that is presented in the locator that you represent as Cassiopaea, due to the strong radio pulses aligned from Cassiopaea, which are due to a pulsar from a neutron star 300 light years behind it, as seen from your locator. This facilitates a clear channel transmission from 6th density to 3rd density."

This website that I linked yesterday indicates that channeling is the source of the information:

Because of the Jewish religion - monotheism - Christianity was "born" as the "new covenant" with the putative Jewish God.

Because of this Jewish God, claimed by Christianity, endless wars were fought in Europe, the Crusades took place, followed by the Inquisition. And then, of course, there are the endless deaths of entire cultures, due to the claims of the Christians and their "missionary" efforts.

So, in the end you could say that Yahweh/Jehovah has been the root cause of nearly all of the sufferings and deaths of humanity in the past four millennia.

Not a very good track record, and certainly, something to think about when pondering: "By their fruits, you shall know them."

[Note: we do not fortget that cruelty and brutal killings of civilians has occurred in other cultures as well, though not on the same scale. And so, according to some sources, in December 1937, in a single attack, known as "The rape of Nanjing", Japaneese soldiers killed nearly 200,000 civilians. These soldiers considered themselves to be heros, serving their "One God" - the Emperor.]

Human beings as a whole ought to reject this horrible God in ALL his forms and variations from his beginnings as the god of the Jews right down to his putative appearance to Mohammed. A more evil being has never - I think - appeared on the stage of history.

And so, the question is: why should anyone consider ANYTHING that is "channeled" as worthy of attention, much less a useful contribution to scientific research into the underlying nature of our reality?

If the claim is made that ALL channeling is "cultic" or "crap," what is the answer to that?

Ark comments:

I can't take such statements seriously.


I am a scientist. I look at things in a somewhat different way than other people. I am more critical. I am even more critical than most of my colleagues. So, when I see a statement like this "Any channeled information is crap. It is 100% disinformation" or "All channeling is disinformation" and "channeling is a satellite transmission," I get very suspicious.

Anti-Christian? Anti-Semitic? Chaos magick? You bet! In spades.

Our Lady of Fatima, pray for us!

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The Slakdaddy.org video on the 9/11 Pentagon disaster which was linked below has a "website" button on the bottom right, approx. 39 sec. into the video. You have to be quick, but if you click it, it will take you to a website of Laura Knight-Jadczyk in which she advertises one of her books that has an introduction by Arkadiusz Jadczyk. Here is his CV.

Arkadiusz Jadczyk - Curriculum Vitae

Time-reversal symmetry violation, anomalous gravi-magnetic phenomena, mathematics of alternative propulsion, nonsymmetric unified field theories, modelling of quantum systems, quantization of geometry, fast fourier transform, time domain filtering, noise reduction, statistical analysis of noisy data, wavelet transform, monte carlo modelling, modelling and computing with Mathematica, Maple, MatLab, MathCad, Reduce, advanced calculus techniques, software for handheld gamma spectrometer, nondestructive assay of nuclear materials, spectral shape recognition, reading undocumented data formats, software development with C, Fortran, Pascal, Delphi, Visual Basic, desktop nuclear databases, MS Access, Paradox, HTML Report,

Spinors, Twistors, Quaternions, Grassmann and Clifford Algebras
Quantum Jumps, Quantum Tunnelling, Quantum Holonomy, Open Systems
Spontaneaous Localization, GRW, Nonlinear Quantum Dynamics 
SQUIDs, Quantum Feedback, Quantum Communications, Information Transfer Piecewise Deterministic Markov Processes, Quantum Chaos, Quantum Fractals Pattern Formation in Nonlinear Systems Alternative Theories of Electromagnetism and Gravitation Hyperdimensional models, Kaluza-Klein Theories, Torsion and Finsler Geometry Magnetic Monopoles, Faster Than Light Signalling, Space-Time Logic von Neumann Algebras, Quantum Logic Space-Time Geometry, Geometrical Quantization
Professor, International Institute of Mathematical Physics, May 2004 -
Contractor for Constellation Technology Corporation, 1998 - 2001
Professor (full), Institute of Theoretical Physics, University of Wroclaw, October 1990 - December 2003
Associate Professor, Institute of Theoretical Physics, University of Wroclaw, March 1986 - October 1990
Assistant Professor, Institute of Theoretical Physics, University of Wroclaw, October 1970 - March 1986
Professor (ordinary, title) 1987
Professor (extraordinary, title) 1982

Dr. Hab., Wroclaw University, May 1977
Ph.D., theoretical physics, Wroclaw University, March 1970 
B. Sc, M.A. with High Distinction, theoretical physics, Wroclaw University, February 1968
The two of them share this website as well, where a link on the left--Ancient Science--will take you to this website which also advertises her book titled Ancient Science Anti-gravity, Alchemy, the Ark and the Holy Grail: A Radical Reassessment of Myth and History. Catharism is one of the topics included in this book according to the website.

Scroll down a little further to find this book:

The Occult Significance of 9-11 The destruction of the World Trade Center opened the final act of a show that has been thousands of years in the making...

Clicking the "more" button will get you to a review of the book where this appears:

Drawing from research of the historical origins of the Bible and the imposition of monotheism, ancient history, as well as events of the last one hundred years, Laura Knight-Jadczyk spins the thread that will permit you to penetrate deep into the heart of the Minotaur's labyrinth and discover the great truth which makes sense of these seeming unrelated events -- and the news of today. We are approaching the end af a Great Cycle, a cataclysm that will destroy the world as we know it. Those who orchestrated the events of 9-11 are well aware of this -- but they do not want you to find out...until it is too late. The Occult Significance of 9-11 takes the awful day in New York City as a focal point and traces the confluence of events in world history, religion and thought, compounded by manipulations in time, that have shoved us in to a new reality.

Go to the website to read the rest of the summary.

Another page in the Jadczyk's website, this one entitled "Boris Mouravieff and the Cassiopaeans or: The Way of Love" offers this comment:

Mouravieff talks about the degrading of women to "living merchandise" and how Jesus (as a Gnostic teacher) taught "reciprocal choice in love" which established the idea of "romance" between men and women.

Well, this seems to ring with some truth because of the Grail stories and their emphasis on romance - on "platonic love" and so on. If what Mouravieff is saying is true, then it makes sense because of the possible survival of the Cathar teachings in the Grail stories and the lays of the minstrels and Troubadours, etc.

Also, there is Fomenko's theory to consider - that much of the "history" of the Dark Ages in Europe is really the history of ancient Byzantium, the origin of the Grail stories, and the "path of transmission" of the ancient Gnostic traditions.

The page talks about "the Way" the "androgyne" and "Alpha and Omega" as well as other themes of Gnostic Christianity. There is also a reference to Mouravieff's book Gnosis: Studies and Commentary on the Esoteric Tradition of Eastern Orthodoxy. Book 1, Exoteric Cycle.

The link for "Signs of the Times" does not work.

According to this website Laura Knight-Jadczyk is Arkadiusz Jadczyk's wife. She studies channeling among other things:

As a consequence of Laura's scientific approach to researching the history and practical applications of psi phenomena and metaphysics, including her controlled experiment in channeling, the Cassiopaean Experiment, she was brought into contact with Ark.


We sometimes ask ourselves if the Cassiopaeans are who they say they are, because we do not take anything as unquestionable truth. We take everything with a grain of salt, even if we consider that there is a good chance that it is truth. We are constantly analyzing this material as well as a great quantity of other material that comes to our attention from numerous fields of science and mysticism. We find it to be quite extraordinary that the Cassiopaean Material is so closely aligned with the teachings of the great Sufi master, Ibn Al-'Arabi, with the Fourth Way Teachings of Gurdjieff, Castaneda, with the Esoteric Christianity of Boris Mouravieff, and even ancient Altaic Shamanism. In this sense, the Cassiopaean Experiment is truly a Fourth Way work.

Here's another page in the Cassiopaean Experiment website where I found this:

Adolf und die Ubermen von der Golden Dawn

In the history of Hitlerism, or rather in certain aspects of this history, everything happens as if the whole conception on which it was based has baffled the ordinary historian so that, if we want to understand, we shall have to abandon our positive way of looking at things and try to enter a Universe where Cartesian reason and reality are no longer valid.

We have been concerned to describe these aspects of Hitlerism because, as M. Marcel Ray pointed out in I939, the war that Hitler imposed on the world was a "Manichaean war," or as the Bible says, "a struggle between gods." It is not, of course, a question of a struggle between Fascism and Democracy, or between a liberal and an authoritarian conception of society. ...

The Golden Dawn

This society was called the Golden Dawn, and its members included some of the most brilliant minds in the country. Arthur Machen was himself a member.

The Golden Dawn, founded in 1887, was an offshoot of the English Rosicrucian Society created twenty years earlier by Robert Wentworth Little, and consisted largely of leading Freemasons. The latter society had about 144 members, including Bulwer Lytton, author of The Last Days of Pompeii.

The Golden Dawn, with a smaller membership, was formed for the practice of ceremonial magic and the acquisition of initiatory knowledge and powers. Its leaders were Woodman, Mathers and Wynn Westcott (the "occultist" mentioned by Toulet in his letter of 1900)....

For more, see: http://www.runningoff.blogspot.

Bagram is Now Obama's Guantanamo

By William Fisher
24 June 2009

While millions know that the administration of George W. Bush has left Barack Obama with the job of closing the U.S. prison at Guantanamo Bay, Cuba, relatively few are aware that the new president will also face a similar but far larger dilemma 7,000 miles away.

That dilemma is what to do with the what has become known as “the other GITMO” – the U.S.-controlled military prison at Bagram Air Base near Kabul in Afghanistan – and the estimated 600-700 detainees now held there. The “other GITMO” was set up by the U.S. military as a temporary screening site after the 2001 invasion of Afghanistan overthrew the Taliban. It currently houses more than three times as many prisoners as are still held at Guantanamo.

In 2005, following well-documented accounts of detainee deaths, torture and “disappeared” prisoners, the U.S. undertook efforts to turn the facility over to the Afghan government. But due to a series of legal, bureaucratic and administrative missteps, the prison is still under American military control. And a recent confidential report from the International Committee of the Red Cross (ICRC) has reportedly complained about the continued mistreatment of prisoners.

The ICRC report is said to cite massive overcrowding, “harsh” conditions, lack of clarity about the legal basis for detention, prisoners held “incommunicado” in “a previously undisclosed warren of isolation cells” and “sometimes subjected to cruel treatment in violation of the Geneva Conventions”. Some prisoners have been held without charges or lawyers for more than five years. The Red Cross said that dozens of prisoners have been held incommunicado for weeks or even months, hidden from prison inspectors.

"When prisoners are in American custody and under American control, no matter the location, our values and commitment to the rule of law are at stake," said Jonathan Hafetz, staff attorney with the American Civil Liberties Union National Security Project in response to a new report published by the BBC documenting the torture of more than two-dozen former detainees. "Torture and abuse at Bagram is further evidence that prisoner abuse in U.S. custody was systemic, not aberrational, and originated at the highest levels of government. We must learn the truth about what went wrong, hold the proper people accountable and make sure these failed policies are not continued or repeated."

In April, the ACLU filed a Freedom of Information Act (FOIA) request for records pertaining to the detention and treatment of prisoners held at Bagram, including the number of people currently detained, their names, citizenship, place of capture and length of detention. The ACLU is also seeking records pertaining to the process afforded those prisoners to challenge their detention and designation as "enemy combatants."

"The U.S. government's detention of hundreds of prisoners at Bagram has been shrouded in complete secrecy," said Melissa Goodman, staff attorney with the ACLU National Security Project. "The American people have a right to know what's happening at Bagram and whether prisoners have been tortured there."

In a related case, the ACLU is representing former Bagram prisoner Mohammed Jawad in a habeas corpus challenge to his indefinite detention at Guantánamo Bay. The Afghan government recently sent a letter to the U.S. government suggesting Jawad was as young as 12 when he was captured in Afghanistan and taken to Bagram, where he was tortured. Despite the fact that the primary evidence against Jawad was thrown out in his military commission case at Guantánamo because it was derived through torture, the U.S. government continues to rely on such evidence – including evidence obtained during interrogations at Bagram – in Jawad's current habeas case to justify holding him indefinitely.

According to Hina Shamsi of the American Civil Liberties Union (ACLU), “Bagram appears to be just as bad as, if not worse than, Guantanamo. When a prisoner is in American custody and under American control, our values are at stake and our commitment to the rule of law is tested”.

She told us, “The abuses cited by the Red Cross give us cause for concern that we may be failing the test. The Bush administration is not content to limit its regime of illegal detention to Guantanamo, and has tried to foist it on Afghanistan.”

She added: “Both Congress and the executive branch need to investigate what’s happening at Bagram if we are to avoid a tragic repetition of history.”

But most observers believe the solution is more likely to come in the courts and to be inextricably linked to recent judicial decisions affecting prisoners at Guantanamo.

Last June, the U.S. Supreme Court ruled that foreign nationals held as terrorism suspects by the U.S. military at Guantanamo have a constitutional right to challenge their captivity in U.S. courts in Washington. Last week, a federal judge began exploring whether this landmark decision also applies to Bagram.

Like Guantanamo, Bagram was set up as a facility where battlefield captives could be held for the duration of the “war on terrorism” under full military control in an overseas site beyond the reach of U.S. courts.

The Supreme Court has repeatedly thwarted the campaign to insulate Guantanamo from the courts’ review. But the Justice argument is that none of those rulings has any application to Bagram, and that the federal judge should dismiss the legal challenges by Bagram detainees by finding that U.S. courts have no jurisdiction over them.

But lawyers for four Bagram prisoners who have been held in detention since at least 2003 contend that recent Supreme Court Guantanamo decisions also apply to Afghanistan. They are also arguing that another Supreme Court decision — Munaf v. Geren — extended habeas rights to a U.S. military facility in Baghdad.

Barbara Olshansky of the Stanford Law School represents three of the four men who brought the court action. She said “there is no more complete analogy or mirror to Guantanamo than this (case).”

While U.S. District Judge John D. Bates has not ruled on the government’s motion to dismiss the four Bagram cases, he said during the court hearing, “These individuals are no different than those detained at Guantanamo except where they’re housed.”

In its motion to dismiss the cases, the Justice Department argued that Bagram is so much a part of ongoing military operations that there simply is no role for U.S. courts to play. “To provide alien enemy combatants detained in a theater of war the privilege of access to our civil courts is unthinkable both legally and practically,” the government’s brief claimed.

The government claims the U.S. does not have nearly the control over the Bagram Airfield as it does over Guantanamo Bay, and thus the reasoning of the Supreme Court in extending habeas rights to Guantanamo should not apply to Bagram.

It also noted that Bagram is in the midst of a war zone; Guantanamo is not. It asserted that civilian court review of Bagram detentions would actually compromise the military mission in Afghanistan.

The Munaf decision also has no application to Bagram, the government’s motion contended, because that involved U.S. citizens, not foreign nationals.

Lawyers for the Bagram detainees noted that some of them have been held for more than six years, so any argument the Justice Department might have made against habeas rights abroad has now lost its force “after so much time has passed.”

They say the issue “is whether the Executive can create a modern-day Star Chamber, where it can label an individual an ‘enemy combatant’ or ‘unlawful enemy combatant,’ deny him any meaningful ability to challenge that label, and on that basis, detain him indefinitely, virtually incommunicado, subject to interrogation and torture, without any right of redress.”

The lawyers note that the Supreme Court has rejected such efforts at Guantanamo on three occasions. But it added that the government is now seeking “to revive their effort to create a prison beyond judicial scrutiny by arguing that habeas does not extend to Bagram because they have deliberately located their Star Chamber in an airfield they contend is outside their ‘realm,’ for the express purpose of avoiding compliance with domestic civil, criminal, military, and international law.”

Bagram, their brief contended, “is not a temporary holding camp, intended to house enemy soldiers apprehended on the battlefield, for the duration of a declared war, finite in time and space.” It said the “war on terror” as conceived by the government is “unlimited in duration and global in scope.”

It also noted that, unlike Guantanamo, Bagram is a permanent prison. Thousands of individuals from all over the world have been taken to the airfield prison, and nearly 700 remain there now, and it is being expanded with a new prison to hold more than 11,000. Moreover, they argued, Bagram detainees do not even have the minimal procedural guarantees to have their captivity reviewed that Guantanamo prisoners have in the so-called “Combatant Status Review Tribunals.” The military does not operate CSRTs as Bagram.

Lawyers for the four men — two Yemeni, one Tunisian and one Afghan – said none was captured while in battle or otherwise directly aiding terrorist groups.

The Justice Department argued that releasing alleged enemy combatants into the Afghan war zone, or even diverting U.S. personnel there to consider their legal cases, could threaten security.

“What evidence is there to believe they would return to the battlefield?” Judge Bates asked Deputy Assistant Attorney General John O’Quinn. “They were not on the battlefield to begin with.”

William Fisher This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it has managed economic development programs in the Middle East and elsewhere for the US State Department and the US Agency for International Development. He served in the international affairs area in the Kennedy Administration and now writes on a wide-range of issues, from human rights to foreign affairs, for numerous newspapers and online journals. He blogs at The World According to Bill Fisher.


The Suppressed Fact: 100 Deaths by U.S. Torture

Also see, re "Hope" & "Change" from our "socialist" sock puppet shill: Obama administration preparing order for indefinite detentions

Looking forward is fine - I have nothing against it - but it strikes me as a the wrong direction to turn one's attention when stepping out of a history of lynchings, and all ... BTW, has anyone seen Obama's elusive moral bearings? - AC

" ... approximately 100 detainees, including CIA-held detainees, have died during U.S. interrogations, and some are known to have been tortured to death. ... "

Excerpt: http://www.salon.com/opinion/greenwald/2009/06/30/torture_deaths/
June 30, 2009

... The premise of so many media discussions of torture is that "torture" is something that was confined to a single tactic (waterboarding) and three "high-value" detainee accused of being high-level Al Qaeda operatives. The reality is completely different.

The interrogation and detention regime implemented by the U.S. resulted in the deaths of over 100 detainees in U.S. custody -- at least. While some of those detass were the result of "rogue" interrogators and agents, many were caused by the methods authorized at the highest levels of the Bush White House, including extreme stress positions, hypothermia, sleep deprivation and others. That's why we've always considered those tactics to be "torture" when used by others -- because they inflict serious harm, and can even kill people.

Those arguing against investigations and prosecutions -- that we Look to the Future, not the Past -- are thus literally advocating that numerous people get away with murder.

The record could not be clearer regarding the fact that we caused numerous detainee deaths, many of which have gone completely uninvestigated, let alone unpunished. Instead, the media and political class have misleadingly caused the debate to consist of the myth that these tactics were limited and confined. As Gen. Barry McCaffrey recently put it:

"We should never, as a policy, maltreat people under our control, detainees. We tortured people unmercifully. We probably murdered dozens of them during the course of that, both the armed forces and the C.I.A."

Journalist and Human Rights Watch research John Sifton similarly documented that "approximately 100 detainees, including CIA-held detainees, have died during U.S. interrogations, and some are known to have been tortured to death." ...

Monday, June 29, 2009

Papers Alleging Racketeering by LA Superior Court Judges and Countrywide Are Denied Docketing in U.S. Court

Docketing in U.S. Court
June 05, 2009

Contact Information Joseph Zernik, DMD, PhD, Director

Free the Rampart-FIPs
310 435 9107

In Zernik v Melson et al (1:2009cv00805), filed May 1, 2009, Plaintiff claims that USDOJ and FBI allow severe abuse of civil rights of the 10 million residents of LA County, California, for years. The complaint alleges widespread corruption of the courts in LA County, California, going back at least as far as 1980’s and the Iran-Contra scandal. Relief is sought in orders "to compel U.S. officers to perform their duties".

IN THE CRIMINAL COURTS IN LA: The Rampart-corruption investigation, a 2-year (1998-2000), 200-investigator probe, ended, but no report was ever written... The victims, the Rampart-FIPs (falsely imprisoned persons), estimated in PBS broadcast from 2001 at 8,000 to 30,000, are still locked up 10 years later. Hardly any of the perpetrators (70-80 police officers per media reports) were prosecuted.

IN THE CIVIL COURTS IN LA: Att Richard I Fine, former U.S. prosecutor, is indefinitely jailed in LA on contempt after leading the efforts to expose that ALL judges in LA Superior Court received and never disclosed for years payments, which were ruled in October 2008 "Not Permitted" and would be called by a lay person "bribes".

IN THE CIVIL COURTS IN LA: Racketeering by judges is alleged in real estate litigations, in collusion with Los Angeles-based Countrywide Financial Corporation (CFC), now a subsidiary of Bank Of America Corporation (BAC). The complaint also alleges that corruption and large-scale fraud against the U.S. government at CFC were evidenced already in a complaint filed with FBI in January 2007, which FBI and USDOJ have refused to investigate ever since.

IN THE CIVIL COURTS IN LA: Fraud in the court’s case management system Sustain is alleged.

IN U.S. COURT, DC: Request for disqualification for a cause of Judge Richard J Leon, based on his service as Minority Counsel in Iran Contra scandal, was stamped "Filed" May 13, 2009. Subsequent papers, including evidence of alleged criminal conduct by LA Superior Court judges, by senior officers of CFC, and by others, were not docketed at all. Instead, papers were forwarded to chambers of Judge Leon.


Mousavi and Iran Contra

Also see: "GOP Supports Anti-American Terrorist"

From: "The New Republic: What Spies Don't Know"
by Eli Lake
June 29, 2009

NPR.org, June 29, 2009 · About ten days after the start of Iran's insurrection, I asked a senior administration official what, if anything, the White House knew about the people behind the demonstrations. His reply: "I think it is fair to say senior administration officials are busily trying to understand how the opposition is generated and where it came from." In other words, there's a lot about the protesters we still don't know.

True, Mir Hossein Mousavi and the people directly surrounding him are known quantities in the U.S. intelligence community. Both Mousavi and his most powerful ally during the campaign, Ali Akbar Hashemi Rafsanjani, were key interlocutors in the Iran-Contra affair. (It was Mousavi's office—working through a deputy named Mohsen Kangarlu—that arranged the details of the exchange of TOW missiles for the release of American hostages kidnapped by Hezbollah in Lebanon.) We also know that Mousavi was a strong supporter of Iran's modern nuclear program. In 2007, Tehran handed over documents to the International Atomic Energy Agency showing that Mousavi approved a decision to purchase centrifuge technology from A.Q. Khan's clandestine black market in 1987. Meanwhile, the Mousavi campaign's head of "voter protection" is Ali Akbar Mohtashemi-Pur, who is generally credited with helping to found Hezbollah. During the Lebanon war, he lost his right hand when he opened a book on Shia holy places laden with explosives. ...

Mir-Hossein Mousavi's Iran/Contra Connection?
Reza Fiyouzat, Revolutionary Flowerpot Society
June 8, 2009

What do Michael Ledeen (the American 'neo-conservative'), Mir-Hossein Mousavi (the Iranian presidential candidate of 'chagne') and Adnan Khashoggi (the opulent Saudi Arabian jet-setter) have in common?

They are all good friends and associates of Manuchehr Ghorbanifar (an Iranian arms merchant, an alleged MOSSAD double agent, and a key figure in the Iran/Contra Affair, the arms-for-hostages deals between Iran and the Reagan administration). In one or two, at most three, degrees of separation, these people hung out in the same circles and very likely drank to the same toasts.

You can find all kinds of trivia about Ghorbanifar in the Walsh Report on the Iran/Contra affair. In Chapter 8, for example, we learn:

"Ghorbanifar, an Iranian exile and former CIA informant who had been discredited by the agency as a fabricator, was a driving force behind these proposals [for arms-for-hostages deal];" or, "Ghorbanifar, as broker for Iran, borrowed funds for the weapons payments from Khashoggi, who loaned millions of dollars to Ghorbanifar in "bridge financing'" for the deals. Ghorbanifar repaid Khashoggi with a 20 percent commission after being paid by the Iranians." (see: http://www.fas.org/irp/offdocs/walsh/chap_08.htm).

Here is a bit from an article by Time magazine that shows Ghorbanifar's circle of associates; it is from a January 1987 cover story (The Murky World of Weapons Dealers; January 19, 1987):

"By [Ghorbanifar's] own account he was a refugee from the revolutionary government of Ayatullah Ruhollah Khomeini, which confiscated his businesses in Iran, yet he later became a trusted friend and kitchen adviser to Mir Hussein Mousavi, Prime Minister in the Khomeini government. Some U.S. officials who have dealt with Ghorbanifar praise him highly. Says Michael Ledeen, adviser to the Pentagon on counterterrorism: "[Ghorbanifar] is one of the most honest, educated, honorable men I have ever known." Others call him a liar who, as one puts it, could not tell the truth about the clothes he is wearing," (emphasis added).

This second bit is from Chapter 1 of Walsh Iran/Contra Report: (http://www.fas.org/irp/offdocs/walsh/chap_01.htm)

"On or about November 25, 1985, Ledeen received a frantic phone call from Ghorbanifar, asking him to relay a message from [Mir-Hossein Mousavi] the prime minister of Iran to President Reagan regarding the shipment of the wrong type of HAWKs. Ledeen said the message essentially was "we've been holding up our part of the bargain, and here you people are now cheating us and tricking us and deceiving us and you had better correct this situation right away.''
"In early May, North and CIA annuitant George Cave met in London with Ghorbanifar and Nir, where the groundwork finally was laid for a meeting between McFarlane and high-level Iranian officials, as well as financial arrangements for the arms deal. Among the officials Ghorbanifar said would meet with an American delegation were the president and prime minister [Mousavi] of Iran and the speaker of the Iranian parliament," (emphasis added). ...


US Govt. Confirms It Knew Honduran Coup Was Coming

(Also see: "Chavez accuses U.S. of coup role as ties restored," by Bridget Johnson, thehill.com, 06/28/09: "Just days after reestablishing diplomatic ties with Venezuela, President Hugo Chavez is accusing the U.S. of staging a coup in Honduras as President Obama expressed concern over President Manuel Zelaya's arrest. ... "

by Eva Golinger
Monthly Review

A New York Times article has just confirmed that the US Government has been "working for several days" with the coup planners in Honduras to halt the illegal overthrow of President Zelaya. While this may indicate nobility on behalf of the Obama Administration, had they merely told the coupsters that the US Government would CUT OFF all economic aid and blockade Honduras in the event of a coup, it's almost a 100% guarantee that the military and right wing parties and business groups involved in the coup would not have gone through with it.

So, while many make excuses for the Obama Administration's "calculated" statements, had they been more firm with the coup leaders, instead of "negotiating", the coup may never have happened. Also, the State Department says they believed "dialogue" was the best way to resolve the situation, but their lack of clarity and firm position has caused multiple human rights violations to occur in Honduras and a lot of tension to take place in the region.

And during the April 2002 coup against Chávez in Venezuela, the State Department also claimed it knew of the coup and tried to "stop" it. Later, in my investigations, it was discovered through documents from State and CIA declassified under the Freedom of Information Act (FOIA) that CIA, State and other US agencies, funded, supported, advised and armed the coup leaders. . . .

Here is the NY Times article posted a few hours ago.

And for the documents on the April 2002 in Venezuela, see my first book, The Chávez Code . . . or visit www.venezuelafoia.info


NY Times Sat on NSA Surveillance Story for a Year Before Publishing it/Whistle-Blower Harassed

Excerpt: NSA Whistleblower Meets Anthrax ‘Person of Interest,’ by Kevin Poulsen, Wired, June 4, 2009:

... Speaking on the final panel at the Computers, Freedom and Privacy Conference here, ex-DOJ attorney Thomas Tamm discussed the dread he felt after telling the Times about the NSA’s covert spying program in late 2004. A lawyer in the department’s sensitive Office of Intelligence Policy and Review, Tamm went to the press, instead of his superiors, because the attorney general and Tamm’s boss were party to the program.

But after talking about the spying with a Times reporter, a long period of uncertainty began. “Their editors would not publish the story,” he said. “They waited until December 2005 to publish it. So for a year, I’m sitting here going, I know I’ve revealed what they say is secret information. I wonder what will happen to me?”

When the Times finally ran the story, setting off a firestorm in Congress and the national press, and spawning dozens of lawsuits against telecoms and the government, the FBI began trying to track down the leak. In 2007, Tamm came home to find 18 agents in his house. “They were all wearing body armor, they were all well armed,” he recalled. “They asked my kids if we had any secret rooms in the house … or whether I had any weapons. They were in my house for over seven hours.”

“I’m sure before that time my phone was listened to,” he added. His wife, who didn’t know he’d turned whistleblower, has been forever changed. “She will never feel the same in my house … She really felt that her security had been victimized.” ...

Full story

Sunday, June 28, 2009

Coca-Cola's Troubling History: Drug Addicts, Nazis and MLK's Condemnation

Also see: "Fanta (Coca-Cola Product) was Developed for Nazis"

By Mark Thomas
Nation Books
June 27, 2009.

Knowing the history behind the ubiquitous bottle of Coca-Cola just might leave a bad taste in your mouth.

From the book Belching Out The Devil: Global Adventures with Coca-Cola by Mark Thomas. Excerpted by arrangement with Nation Books, a member of the Perseus Books Group. Copyright © 2009.


‘Coke is like a little bottle of sparkle-dust.’

Inside the Happiness Factory, The Coca-Cola Company ‘documentary’

The morning is cheerfully cold, a lovely Southern winter’s day in Atlanta; the sun makes not one bit of difference to the temperature but it shines bright across the clear blue sky. A few police officers stand around Pemberton Park in the city centre, coats zipped up and wearing hats with earmuffs that dangle down each side of their heads, gently reducing them from figures of authority to parodies of Elmer Fudd. They drink coffee, smile and nod as I wander past. This is the entrance to The World of Coca-Cola and somewhere discreet loudspeakers are playing Coke’s most memorable advertising jingle, ‘I’d like to buy the world a Coke.’ Which may explain the earmuffs.

I like to think the company plays this song as a hymn of thanks to the Atlanta Development Authority who gave them $5.4 million to help pay for the park landscaping and the entrance plaza, or the City Council who scrapped $1.5 million worth of sales tax for the company, or indeed the property tax worth $2 million that the Atlanta city fathers decided they didn’t want Coca-Cola to pay. Coke might be worth billions but they are not averse to sticking out their hand for loose change, especially when the loose change has six noughts at the end of it.

In pride of place in the state-subsidized Pemberton Park stands a six-foot four-inch bronze statue of the area’s namesake, the founding father of Coca-Cola, pharmacist John Pemberton. Officially he created the drink in 1886 and sold it from Jacob’s pharmacy; now, over 120 years later, his noble image stands facing the park, one hand on a small Victorian table at his side. In his other hand he holds up a glass of Coca-Cola, partly in celebration, partly inspecting it, his impassive face considering his drink and offering it out to the world. It is the image of a pioneer, a scientist hero and benefactor to humanity. Sir Alexander Fleming wouldn’t have minded having a statue like this and he discovered penicillin. The statue portrays Pemberton as thinner than the photos I have seen of him, where he looks a tad chubby. This apparently is not the only factual discrepancy. According to Mark Pendergrast, one of the most respected authors on the company, John Pemberton returned from the American civil war addicted to morphine. So Coca-Cola’s founder was a chunkie junkie, though in fairness, who would erect a statue of a fat druggie outside a family tourist attraction – with the exception of the Elvis Presley estate?

So for the greater good of the corporate image ol’ morphine Pemberton loses a few pounds and gets clean. And inside the historical revisionism continues; bizarrely there is no mention of one of the drink’s original ingredients, cocaine, which with hindsight is hardly the greatest sin, as there were other beverages of the late nineteenth century that contained varying quantities of Colombia’s most famous export. Admittedly it’s a slightly messy fact: one minute you want to teach the world to sing, the next you want to teach the world to talk really quickly and rub its gums with an index finger.

It is these ‘messy facts’ that the Company seem to have an almost pathological desire to try and hide. They are deviations in the Company narrative, grit in the PR grease. And Coca-Cola do not like grit in the grease.

The World of Coca-Cola’s image control even extends to their choice of neighbours. Right next to it sits the Georgia Aquarium; in 2002 Coke gave nine acres for the aquarium. In 2006 Coke set aside two and a half acres for a civil rights museum – for an attraction that would celebrate Atlanta as the cradle of the movement, with plans to house some 7,000 odd pages of Dr. Martin Luther King Jr’s writings. Thus corporate and civic history entwine together in one single downtown location, so we can remember the fight for human dignity and visit the fish.

End of Part One. Part Two

UK: The D Notice - Whitehall's License to Censor

A book on media censorship, you say? Let me get out my black marker
Richard Norton-Taylor
The Guardian
8 June 2009

The official history of the D notice system, the voluntary self-censorship arrangement between the media and Whitehall, has just been published - though, ironically, only after five chapters had been excised.

After Whitehall officials came up with the hitherto unknown rule that official histories should not include matters concerning the administration in power, the offending paragraphs were cut out. So there is nothing in the book about MI5 and MI6's renegades David Shayler and Richard Tomlinson. Nor about Iraq and Afghanistan. ...

Yet, anyone who thinks this government is obsessed with leaks should consider the paranoia of previous administrations. The Labour prime minister Harold Wilson was furious in 1967 when the Daily Express revealed how international telegrams were regularly intercepted by the spooks. The writer argued that publication of the cable intercepts did not harm national security. Wilson said it did, and should have been covered by a D notice. It was clear then, as it has been so many times since, that the government confused national security with political embarrassment.

The history, written by Rear Admiral Nicholas Wilkinson, one of the more enlightened past secretaries of the Committee, provides telling insights into the relationships between editors and Britain's defence, security and intelligence establishment. The voluntary nature of the D notice system - it has no legal status - meant that personal friendships were crucial. Some would say they still are.

Rear Admiral Sir George Thomson, D notice secretary in the early 1960s, put it this way: "The fighting services department [now subsumed into the MoD] ... ask me to write a personal letter to the offending editor. This invariably stops further infringements of the particular subject and produces an expression of regret on the part of the editor, which I pass on to the authorities."

However, editors weren't all toadies, even then, and one of the lessons of this official history is that ministers were very often more concerned about stories appearing than Whitehall officials were. The D notice system, set up in 1912, is falling into desuetude as a respected and relevant forum, and is frequently ignored. The Observer did not approach the D notice secretary in 2004 for advice about whether to publish a memo showing Britain helped the US conduct a secret and potentially illegal spying operation at the UN in the run-up to the Iraq war. Editors of national newspapers and broadcast companies tend to prefer the (declining) risk of an Official Secrets Act prosecution.

Governments and Whitehall officials are also guilty of inconsistency and even hypocrisy when it comes to D notices. Take the issue of special forces. Senior MoD officials continue to insist, in meetings of the D notice Committee, that the activities of the SAS, or its naval equivalent, the SBS, should never be written about. Yet the diktat is ignored by defence officials when it comes to tales of SAS derring-do.

Wilkinson's book was cleared a year ago after checks by MI5, MI6 and GCHQ; the Foreign, Cabinet, and Home Offices; the Treasury solicitor; and the attorney general. The MoD, however, sent the manuscript to the D notice secretary, who apparently objected, not on grounds of security or libel, but for reasons of style, reportedly saying the book should have been written by a "trained historian". To pre-empt a row, the Cabinet Office and MoD agreed to a compromise: the book would be published without five chapters covering the period after Labour's return to power in 1997.

In November last year, the Guardian applied under the Freedom of Information Act to see the missing five chapters of Wilkinson's book. Two months later, the Cabinet Office concluded they could not be released, for two reasons: they would be published at a later date in any event; and disclosure might hurt the commercial interests of the author and publisher.

Plans are afoot to publish the full history - including the past 12 years - as soon as Labour is out of power. Self-censorship acts in mysterious ways.


Italian Mafia Cashes in on Fake T-bills

By FT reporters
Financial Times
June 19 2009

One summer afternoon, two "Japanese" men in their 50s on a slow train from Italy to Switzerland said they had nothing to declare at the frontier point of Chiasso. But in a false bottom of one of their suitcases, Italian customs officers and ministry of finance police discovered a staggering $134bn in US Treasury bills.

Whether the men are really Japanese, as their passports declare, is not entirely clear, but Italian and US secret services working together soon concluded that the bills and accompanying bank documents were most probably counterfeit, the latest handiwork of the Italian Mafia.

Few details have been revealed beyond a June 4 statement by the Italian finance police announcing the seizure of 249 US Treasury bills, each of $500m, and 10 "Kennedy" bonds, used as inter-government payments, of $1bn each. The men were apparently tailed by the Italian authorities.

Yesterday the mystery deepened as an Italian blog quoted Colonel Rodolfo Mecarelli of the Como provincial finance police as saying the two men had been released. The colonel and police headquarters in Rome both declined to respond to questions from the Financial Times.

"They are all fraudulent, it's obvious. We don't even have paper securities outstanding for that value,'' said Mckayla Braden, senior adviser for public affairs at the Bureau of Public Debt at the US Treasury department. "This type of scam has been going on for years.''

The Treasury has not issued physical Treasury bonds since the 1980s - they are handled electronically - though they still issue savings bonds in paper format.

In Washington a US Secret Service official said the agency, which is working with the Italian authorities, believed the bonds were fake.

Officials in Tokyo were nonplussed. Takeshi Akamatsu, a Japanese foreign ministry press secretary, said Italian authorities had confirmed that two men carrying Japanese passports had been questioned in the bond case, but that Tokyo had not been informed of their names or current whereabouts.

"We don't know where they are now," Mr Akamatsu said.

Italian officials, while pointing out that hauls of counterfeit money and Treasury bills were not unusual, were stunned by the amount involved. Investigators are looking into the origin and destination of the fakes.

Last month Italian prosecutors revealed they had cracked a $1bn bond scam run by the Sicilian Mafia, with the alleged aid of corrupt officials in Venezuela's central bank. Twenty people were arrested in four countries.

The fake bonds were to have been used as collateral to open credit lines with banks, Reuters news agency reported. The Venezuelan central bank denied the accusations.

By FT staff in Rome, Tokyo, New York and Washington

Video: Republican Todd "Call Boy Pimp" Blodgett's Attempted Takeover of Confederate Museum in Washington DC/von Brunn Connections

Video: Corrupt tactics of conservative child pimp Todd Blodgett and his right-wing clique

The video, shot at the National Press Club and broadcast by C-Span, is titled, "McClendon Group Forum on Dept. of Justice Misconduct," but the introduction concerns a cut-throat attempt by Blodgett and others hailing from "hidden agencies of government" to take over a museum in the District of Columbia - and the theft of funds from Arlington National Cemetary.

Saturday, June 27, 2009

Holocaust Memorial Killer James Von Brunn & Reagan Aide Todd Blodgett of the Omaha Lincoln Savings/Washington Call Boy Scandals

This summary is not available. Please click here to view the post.

CIA Drone that Killed 65 Pakistanis Missed its Target

Strike's Target was Baitullah Mehsud, Implicated in Murder of Benazir Bhutto

ABC News
June 26, 2009

ISLAMABAD, Pakistan -- A CIA drone strike earlier this week just missed the head of the Taliban in Pakistan, killing at least 65 people at a funeral he attended and damaging his personal car, according to a resident and a Pakistani intelligent agent in the area.

Taliban commander Baitullah Mehsud (2nd L) speaks to reporters in Pakistan's South Waziristan tribal region May 24, 2008.

The strike's target was Baitullah Mehsud, who Pakistan has blamed for the death of former Prime Minister Benazir Bhutto and dozens of other attacks across the country. Pakistan is currently preparing for a war against Mehsud in the rugged South Waziristan tribal district, and the CIA has increased its attempts to kill him in the past 6 months.

U.S. intelligence officials say they believe Mehsud is "still among the living." But this appears to be the closest that a drone strike has come to killing Mehsud. He was attended the Tuesday funeral prayer, which lasts no more than a minute and a half, the resident of the area said. 2 missiles struck right after the prayer was finished as most of the mourners were leaving the open-air funeral.

Mehsud was in that group of mourners, but the missile appears to have hit a relatively small area where Mehsud was not standing.

"Only if it had landed 15-20 seconds before, it would have hit a lot more people and maybe" Mehsud himself, the resident said. Mehsud had not left the village, Zangara, and his car was close enough to the explosion site that it was damaged, the resident said.

A Taliban commander named Sangin, who was close to Mehsud, was killed in the strike, the intelligence agent and the resident said.


Police to Question Jackson’s Doctor Again

NY Times
June 28, 2009

LOS ANGELES — With mystery still enshrouding the death of Michael Jackson and the results of toxicology reports weeks away, the Los Angeles police department scheduled an interview on Saturday with the doctor who reportedly was with the pop star when he was stricken and tried to resuscitate him.

The doctor, Conrad Murray, 56, is a cardiologist with offices in Las Vegas and Houston and was hired to be Mr. Jackson’s personal physician for a concert tour in London that had been scheduled to start next month.

Dr. Murray and his lawyer, Edward Chernoff, were scheduled to meet Saturday afternoon in Los Angeles with police investigators, said Matthew Alford, who is a partner with Mr. Chernoff in the Houston law firm of Stradley, Chernoff and Alford. Mr. Alford added that Dr. Murray was “cooperating” with the police.

Police officers on Thursday night impounded the car Dr. Murray drove to the rented home in Holmby Hills, Calif., where Mr. Jackson fell ill.

The police said they were questioning Dr. Murray in an effort to assist the coroner’s office in determining the cause of Mr. Jackson’s death. On Friday, the Los Angeles County Coroner’s office said that Mr. Jackson’s body had shown no signs of trauma or “foul play.”

The coroner released the body late Friday night to an undisclosed mortuary, and Mr. Jackson’s family members were believed to be gathering at the family compound Encino, in the San Fernando Valley, to discuss funeral arrangements. Janet Jackson, Mr. Jackson’s younger sister, was seen driving up to the Holmby Hills estate on Saturday, where moving vans had also been on site, according to The Associated Press.

The family’s private grief was in direct contrast to the very public memorials and dance vigils that continued for the third day in cities throughout the world. From London, to New York’s L-Train, to Hollywood Boulevard and Times Square, fans gathered dressed in short pants and single gloves for dance vigils and reenactments of Mr. Jackson’s groundbreaking “Thriller” dance, some spontaneous, and some planned via social networking sites.

Even amid these tributes, though, questions about the last minutes of Mr. Jackson’s life with his doctor at his side, the fate of his children and his complex financial dealings were slowly and inconclusively unraveling.

Having completed a preliminary autopsy, Los Angeles County medical officials said Friday that they knew Mr. Jackson had taken prescription medications, but they would not disclose which drugs.

The 50-year-old pop star, who had been preparing for a lengthy comeback concert series in London, was rushed to U.C.L.A. Medical Center shortly after noon Thursday by paramedics and was pronounced dead in the emergency room.

A 911 tape released Friday featured the voice of a young man imploring an ambulance to hurry to Mr. Jackson’s home, where he described a doctor frantically trying to revive Mr. Jackson. When asked if anyone had seen what happened, the unidentified man replied: “No, just the doctor, sir. He’s not responding to CPR. He’s pumping his chest, but he’s not responding to anything.”

The nature of Dr. Murray’s relationship with Mr. Jackson, and his connection to the promoter of the London concert engagements, were still in question on Saturday. AEG Live, the concert promoter behind Mr. Jackson’s London shows, invested at least $20 million to produce the concerts and might have to refund more than $80 million in tickets, according to industry estimates. Randy Phillips, the chief executive of AEG Live, said in an interview Friday that his company had not hired Dr. Murray.

“Dr. Murray told us, as did Michael, that he was Michael’s personal physician for three years,” Mr. Phillips said. “We were advancing the money to Michael. It would have been his expense.

“He would have been under Michael’s employ,” he said.

Dr. Murray’s attorney, Mr. Chernoff, could not be immediately reached Saturday and his legal partner, Mr. Altman, said he did not know how long the doctor and the singer had known each other. The Rev. Jesse Jackson told ABC News that the singer’s family had concerns about Dr. Murray and that the family was considering an independent autopsy.

The questions, the Rev. Jackson said, included: "When did the doctor come? What did he do? Did he inject him? If so, with what?”

Dr. Murray, who public records show is a 56-year-old cardiologist with a practice in Las Vegas and a clinic in Houston, has lived in numerous homes over the last decade in several states, filed for personal bankruptcy in 1992 in California and has five tax liens against him for hundreds of thousands of dollars.

According to HealthGrades, a health care ratings company, Dr. Murray is board certified in neither of his two specialties, internal medicine and cardiology. Board certification is not required to practice a specialty but is recommended and indicates a high level of training and expertise.

A central concern now of the Jackson family is the fate of Mr. Jackson’s three children, who lived and traveled with him but were rarely seen in public.

For now, they are being cared for by their grandmother, Katherine Jackson, said Frank DiLeo, the singer’s manager at the time of his death. Mr. DiLeo said the children were at the hospital and in an adjacent room when they were told of their father’s death.

Debbie Rowe, who was married to the singer for three years ending in 1999 and is the mother of the two oldest children, Michael Joseph Jackson, 12, and Paris Michael Katherine Jackson, 11, has fought in recent years to have her parental rights restored. (A private settlement was reached in 2006.)

“If they have a reasonably good relationship she will probably get custody,” said Scott Altman, a law professor at the University of Southern California and child custody expert. “It is unusual for biological parents not to get custody when the custodial parent has died.”

Mr. Jackson’s youngest child, 7-year-old Prince Michael Jackson II, is the son of a surrogate mother who has never been identified. On Friday, however, one of the star’s financial advisers, Alvin Malnik, who said he is the godfather of the youngest Jackson, said he had signed a document at one point saying that if Mr. Jackson died, “I would provide for Prince Michael in the same capacity as I would provide for my own kids.”

Mr. Malnik, who lives in Florida, said he had not been contacted by anyone since Mr. Jackson’s death.

A biographer, Stacy Brown, said Friday that Mr. Jackson’s wish was for the children’s longtime nanny, Grace Rwaramba, to take on a more formal role should anything happen to him.

Questions are almost certain to be raised about Mr. Jackson’s health as he prepared for his comeback tour; he had a long, intricate history of health problems, according to people who knew him, but they were not easy to pin down.

“It’s always been a subject of confusion,” said J. Randy Taraborrelli, a Jackson biographer who knew him for 40 years. “He has not been addicted to painkillers for 30 years, but he has had addiction over time that was resolved and then resurfaced, and was resolved and then resurfaced.”

Mr. Brown said Mr. Jackson’s family had been recently concerned about his use of painkillers, which had started up again a few months ago, he said, and “tried a number of different times” to get the star to quit once and for all.

Mr. Jackson had become “very frail, totally, totally underweight,” Mr. Brown said, adding that the family had worried that he would not be healthy enough to handle the pressure of performing.

Randal C. Archibold reported from Los Angeles and Liz Robbins from New York. Reporting was contributed by Jennifer Steinhauer, Brooks Barnes, Solomon Moore and Ana Facio Contreras from Los Angeles, and Ben Sisario and Pam Belluck from New York.


"Rock Roadie" Repeats Allegations that I Made Nine Years Ago in "Covert War Against Rock" re the Death of Jimi Hendrix

Rock Roadie echoes accusations that I made in 2000. Significant details are left out of Wright's account (eg. money laundering, intelligence connections, and the motive was largely, but by no means merely, "money," as the author speculates) ... so I'm a bit suspicious of this sudden outbreak of candor from the press. Furthermore, any of it could have been cribbed from my book. Can't say this is the case, however. All that I can say is that the details are essentially right and proper - and the LA Times is already describing Roadie as an unbelievable "conspiracy theory" to marginalize it - so it may well be on the level, after all. See where it goes. - AC
The comment below is posted on behalf of James ‘Tappy’ Wright, author of Rock Roadie (released June 25th in the UK and available on Amazon.co.uk). These are his words. Please check with Borkowski PR for confirmation.

“I knew what Mike Jeffrey had done and I kept quiet for all this time because I was terrified. It wasn’t just me and him involved – the Mafia were part of this and Mike owed them money. He was paying out $30,000 a month to pay back the money he’d borrowed – I know this because I drove Bob Levine out to New Jersey to borrow it for him. I was one of his closest employees. If I hadn’t kept quiet, you’d have been reading about me in the obituaries. All this happened in 1973, not 1971 as has been reported, just months before Mike died in a plane crash.

“This is not a publicity stunt – I waited to tell the truth because I was scared and there were people still alive who were involved. Some of them could still be alive today. I started to write the book ten years ago because Rod Weinberg told me I had a moral obligation to get the truth out there – he was right, but it would have been suicide not to wait. After talking to Rod I realised that it was my duty to set the record straight. That’s why I started writing the book ten years ago.

“Mike Jeffrey had Jimi killed because he needed the money. Jimi’s girlfriend Devon tried to take him away from Mike and she died – I believe she was thrown off the roof of the Chelsea Hotel. I don’t think she just fell. If I’d said anything before now, that could have been me.

“This is not about some broke roadie cashing in on a story. I’m comfortably off. It’s about a moral obligation. Of course I’d like the book to sell, but it’s not about the money. It’s about getting the truth out there. I was Mike Jeffrey’s longest serving employee, right from before The Animals were even called that – there’s no story about Hendrix without the Animals. What happened to Jimi Hendrix is not the only story in the book, but it was important to tell it.

“I remember all these things happening. I started writing the books ten years ago and I have thought long and hard about getting every memory down. I never took drugs during the 60s – except once, when Eric Burdon spiked me with acid. Girls, yes I slept with a lot of girls. But I never deliberately took drugs. So my memory is damned good and what gaps there were I filled in by talking to all the people who were involved and thinking back on what happened. You look at all the Hendrix books that have come out in the last 40 years and it’s all the same regurgitated s**t. I knew the right people to ask and with their help I have remembered most of it.

“I’ve also been asked to think about the past a lot since those days. The papers in the North East come to me regularly for anecdotes when people like Elvis and Ike Turner die – all the people I met and worked with. I have kept the memories alive over the years.

“Noel Redding said publicly that “Jimi’s death was very kind to Mike Jeffrey” – and he certainly came into a lot of money after Jimi’s death. He paid off his back taxes, his debts, gave Al Hendrix $250,000 for Jimi’s share of the Electric Lady studios in New York, bought himself a house in Woodstock, invested a fortune in clubs in Majorca. Where did this come from?”

Posted by: Adam Horovitz | June 16, 2009 at 02:47 AM


The Solution to William F. Buckley's Bladder Control Problem

Bill Buckley, Chris Buckley, And The American Conservative Movement’s Missing Second Act
By Peter Brimelow
June 03, 2009

The fascinating news that the ageing William F. Buckley, beset by bladder problems, developed the habit of opening the door of his moving limousine and urinating into passing traffic—revealed by his son, Christopher Buckley in Losing Mum and Pup, his unsparing memoir of his just-deceased parents’ final year—is almost laughably symbolic.

CB himself—whose father certainly presented him with much more distressing problems at the terrible end—seems to think WFB was just importing the manly casualness of his much-publicized yachting days. He writes jovially to WFB’s possible victims: "If you’re out there, the answer is, yes, you were selected from among thousands of other motorists on I-95 to be tinkled on by the Lion of the Right. You should feel honored.” ...


The Next Pandemic? Get Vaccinated Now!!!

April 4, 2012: " ... The patented 12GB anti-viral "vaccine" is available from HP-Baxter Pharmaceuticals in the Silicon Valley, a biological harvesting/research firm sustained largely by CIA, DoD and WHO contracts - and a lab that has been coincidentally studying potential nanite H1HD1 transmission dynamics in Third World countries for the past three years ... "

Vote-Rigging in US and Iran Compared

OOPS! We rigged the Iran/Florida-Ohio vote count AGAIN!!

by Bob Fitrakis & Harvey Wasserman

Iran's Ayatollahs have just admitted that in some 50 cities there were as many as 3 million more votes cast than there were voters in the recent presidential election.

But, they say, that's not enough to change the outcome. So, like Florida in 2000 and Ohio 2004, there will be no total recount and no new election. Election theft should be opposed, whether it's sanctioned by a supreme Ayatollah or the U.S. Supreme Court.

It's as if the Iranian government is being advised by Ohio's former Iman J. Kenneth Blackwell, who, as Ohio's 2004 Secretary of State, purged hundreds of thousands of voters, and stole, switched and disappeared enough votes to put George W. Bush in the White House for a second term. The dubious Iranian tallies look very similar to the inflated Bush outcomes in 12 Republican southwest Ohio counties, most notably Warren, Clermont and Butler. They are reminiscent of the vote counts in two precincts in Perry County that reported turnouts of 121% and 118% of registered voters.

The chief difference between Iran 2009 and Ohio 2004---and Florida 2000----is in the opposition. Iran's Mir Hussein Moussavi has vowed martyrdom.

John Kerry, trailing in Ohio by just 130,000 votes with more than 250,000 yet to be counted, walked away less than 12 hours after exit polls showed him a clear victor.

Gore fought a little, but instead of embracing martyrdom, opted for boredom, and for making sure there was no challenge in the US Senate to the votes stolen.

Nationwide, Bush's alleged 3 million-vote nationwide margin in 2004, and 600 votes in Florida 2000, were as fictional as those ballots the Ayatollahs now admit should not exist.

Moussavi believes he has a date with destiny. But Kerry apparently had one on the golf course. Gore's failure failure to effectively respond in Florida 2000 remains an inconvenient truth.

Blackwell, Florida's Jeb Bush and Iran's Revolutionary Guard used registration tampering, disinformation, intimidation and fraud to disenfranchise millions of eligible voters before the balloting.

Blackwell and Bush then used a lethal mix of black box machines, faulty scantrons and hijacked ballots to finish the job. Blackwell worked with Diebold, ES&S, Triad, and other electronic magicians that let him disappear or switch all the votes he needed with a few keystrokes at around 2am election night. His high-tech IT henchman, Michael Connell, has since died in a mysterious plane crash. ...

Story continues

Friday, June 26, 2009

Prince: Symbol of Sexual Liberation Opposes Gay Marriage

By Robert Paul Reyes

"God came to earth and saw people sticking it wherever and doing it with whatever, and he just cleared it all out. He was, like, 'Enough.' "

Who uttered this crazy quotation in response to a question about gay marriage and Proposition 8?

There's a long list of usual suspects, it could have been a televangelist like James Dobson, a talking head like Sean Hannity or a conservative politician like Sarah Palin. But believe it or not it was none other than Prince, the diminutive rock star who used to perform in bikini briefs and whose music oozes with unbridled sexuality.

How sad that a performer with a long catalog of songs celebrating sexual freedom has turned into a homophobe. Prince converted to the Jehovah's Witness faith a few years ago, and that denomination believes that homosexuality is a sin. ...

Story continues

2007 - "Bush Sanctions 'Black Ops' against Iran"

Also see: "American Hand in Iran," by Trish Schuh

Bush Sanctions 'Black Ops' against Iran
By Tim Shipman
27 May 2007

Iran was sold defective parts on the black market

President George W Bush has given the CIA approval to launch covert "black" operations to achieve regime change in Iran, intelligence sources have revealed.

Mr. Bush has signed an official document endorsing CIA plans for a propaganda and disinformation campaign intended to destabilise, and eventually topple, the theocratic rule of the mullahs.

Under the plan, pressure will be brought to bear on the Iranian economy by manipulating the country's currency and international financial transactions.

Details have also emerged of a covert scheme to sabotage the Iranian nuclear programme, which United Nations nuclear watchdogs said last week could lead to a bomb within three years.

Security officials in Washington have disclosed that Teheran has been sold defective parts on the black market in a bid to delay and disrupt its uranium enrichment programme, the precursor to building a nuclear weapon.

A security source in the US told The Sunday Telegraph that the presidential directive, known as a "non-lethal presidential finding", would give the CIA the right to collect intelligence on home soil, an area that is usually the preserve of the FBI, from the many Iranian exiles and emigrés within the US.

"Iranians in America have links with their families at home, and they are a good two-way source of information," he said.

The CIA will also be allowed to supply communications equipment which would enable opposition groups in Iran to work together and bypass internet censorship by the clerical regime. The plans, which significantly increase American pressure on Iran, were leaked just days before a meeting in Iraq tomorrow between the US ambassador, Ryan Crocker, and his Iranian counterpart.

Tensions have been raised by Iran's seizure of what the US regards as a series of "hostages" in recent weeks. Three academics who hold dual Iranian-American citizenship are being held, accused of working to undermine the Iranian government or of spying.

An Iranian-American reporter with Radio Free Europe, who was visiting Iran, has had her passport seized. Another Iranian American, businessman Ali Shakeri, was believed to have been detained as he tried to leave Teheran last week.

The US responded with a show of force by the navy, sending nine warships, including two aircraft carriers, into the Persian Gulf.

Authorisation of the new CIA mission, which will not be allowed to use lethal force, appears to suggest that President Bush has, for the time being, ruled out military action against Iran.

Bruce Riedel, until six months ago the senior CIA official who dealt with Iran, said: "Vice-President [Dick] Cheney helped to lead the side favouring a military strike, but I think they have concluded that a military strike has more downsides than upsides."

However, the CIA is giving arms-length support, supplying money and weapons, to an Iranian militant group, Jundullah, which has conducted raids into Iran from bases in Pakistan. Iranian officials say they captured 10 members of Jundullah last weekend, carrying $500,000 in cash along with "maps of sensitive areas" and "modern spy equipment".

Mark Fitzpatrick, a former senior State Department official now with the International Institute for Strategic Studies, said industrial sabotage was the favoured way to combat Iran's nuclear programme "without military action, without fingerprints on the operation."

He added: "One way to sabotage a programme is to make minor modifications in some of the components Iran obtains on the black market."

Components and blueprints obtained by Iranian intelligence agents in Europe, and shipped home using the diplomatic bag from the Iranian consulate in Frankfurt, have been blamed for an explosion that destroyed 50 nuclear centrifuges at the Natanz nuclear plant last year.

The White House National Security Council and CIA refused to comment on intelligence matters.