Friday, June 12, 2009

Re: Sun Myung Moon: Ten More Facts about a Living Messiah who is Growing Old

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Thank you Alex Constantine for continuing to criticize "Rev." Sun Myung Moon and his Washington Times and United Press International conglomerate.

I haven't seen a word about them lately at Consortium News and most of the other sites that used to criticize Moon,

George H. W. Bush spoke at several Moonie sponsored seminars after which Moon spoke. Bush would claim to have ended Communism in the USSR and later (or before) Moon would speak claiming he ended Communism there,,

During the Cold War, the Washington Times spread anti-Castro and anti-Chevez hate quoting the UPI as its source and the United Press International would site the Washington Times as its source.

The word seed in the Bible can be loosely translated into the modern word genes. Moon claims that God was trying to spread his seeds around with Jesus’s birth and that we were all God’s children until the Devil gave Eve his seed, translating the Bible to represent the opposite of a gentle Jesus. But somehow he gets along with Conservative Christians, then turns around and wooed Black religious leaders.

Recently Chas Freeman, who was once with the Saudi Lobby, blamed the Israeli lobby for him not getting appointed by Obama to a foreign policy post, But the Saudis lately have been cooperating with Israel against Hamas. The Washington City Paper had a presentation claiming that “The Washington Times owns the Chas Freeman story”, claiming that the Washington Times stopped Freeman’s nomination.

The Washington Times recently turned around and had an article claiming that Supreme Court nominee Sotomayor is pro-life, taking the wind out of the anti-Sotomayor movement. So what they are doing in the post Cold War world I don’t know except that they are still determined to be in charge some day in a world that is forgetting they exist.

Meantime many people under 20 never heard of the Moonies or Rev. Moon’s lobbying efforts.

There are Hana, Han, and Paradise restaurants, that used to be Japanese-Korean, now just Japanese. Hana is paradise in Korean. Han-Wool at the edge of the University of Pennsylvania campus has a travel agency next to it that sponsors cheap group tours for students to go aboard. And if someone suspected Moonies, some students wouldn’t know who they were.

Richard Kane

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