Monday, June 22, 2009

Alex Constantine Featured with Bobby Seale, Paul Krassner & Country Joe McDonald, etc. in French Film

The film, currently in production at Nervous Breakdown Studios in Epinay, a northern suburb of Paris, is titled Louise ou le dossier du Rock 'n' Roll, a "mockumentary" on American state repression and the music industry during the Vietnam War period. The movie is a "What if," proposing an alternate history in which the Soviet Union pulled off a coup during the Cold War - what would America be like under the surly Bear's totalistic claw? Answer: Exactly as it was historically, with the intelligence services engaging in mass surveillance, the assassination and harassment of dissidents, media censorship & blacklisting, etc.

I suggested to the film's writers-directors, Alan Ranval and Sarah Levy, that this is a pretty sarcastic premise. "Oh, it's extremely sarcastic!" Ms Levy told me. I don't know if the film will be released in the United States, I assume so. I will have a DVD copy when it's finished, and will post or link to a segment.

Stand back, Michael Moore. Help is on the way.

- AC

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