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The Yerkes Primate Center & Mind Control

Well-known mind control "expert" Mark Phillips - Kathy O'Brien's controller - is from Yerkes. Much of the content of their books and articles is unadulterated moonshine. - AC

The Yerkes primate center at Emory University has, in the past at least, been a key mind control front. In its heyday, he facility was run by Dr. Geoffrey Bourne.

Bourne family pedigree - trained at Oxford. Geoffrey, long career in intelligence-related activities. Peter Bourne, his son, spent 2 years in Vietnam profiling U.S. special forces under stress, then set up counseling programs for turning veterans into Manchurian candidate type assassins a la John Hinckley. (Califano, Bourne, partner of E.B. Williams, Hinckley atty.)

Dr. Peter G. Bourne was brought into the primate center by his father. Peter was a "special adviser on drug abuse" in three presidential administrations - namely Nixon, Ford and Carter. Dr. Bourne was finally forced to resign in 1979 when he was caught prescribing Quaalude for Carter's staffers.

Mae Brussell has constructed a timeline. From her notes:

"Bourne met Carter, 1969. Carter, conservative, running for gov. Bourne directed mental health center in Atlanta ghetto.
"1971, asked Carter if he would 'run for president,' ever thought about it.
"Bourne: From England.
"Then Bourne goes to Washington to work for Nixon on 'drug abuse' (Rebozo, Hunt, Liddy, Vegas, Sindona, Marcinkus, Nixon, Italian mob)."
One note mentions: "Mary King Bourne, $50,000 for ACTION, a director of Peace Corps."
"1977: George Bush CIA director. Granada, Medical school.
"1978 Rep. Leo Ryan went to Guyana.... April, Prime Minister Bishop, elected in Granada. London Attorney. CIA death plot on Bishop."
Geoffrey Bourne, his father: "Vice-chancellor, previously primatologist, expert on apes. Studying effects of drugs, sensory deprivation, behavioral modification on apes, models for human beings. Bourne retained his affiliation to Yerkes Division of Pathology and Immunology even after he transferred to St. George's. Bourne views black population of Caribbean as animals, equivalent to the apes which he studied."

From Covert Action (Winter '84, no. 20): "In 1978, Peter Bourne had been implicated by political activists in New York in the mysterious death of a progressive doctor working for a Lincoln Hospital drug detoxification program which was opposed to the methadone maintenance programs of Nelson Rockefeller. Bourne was the last person known to have seen the doctor alive, but as far as is known his involvement was never investigated. In 1977, CAIB staff members saw documentary proof that Peter Bourne provided debriefing reports to the CIA after taking trips abroad, including to Southeast Asia and Pakistan. The details of this story later appeared in the Chicago Sun-Times (July 23, 1978)."

Peter Bourne ran the psychiatry division at the Granada medical school at the time of the invasion. Bourne advised the state dept. and CIA at the time. He and Eric Gairy (voodoo practitioner, UFO watcher, despot) were close.

- Alex Constantine

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