Friday, June 19, 2009

Iran Election Turmoil Financed by CIA

Turner Radio Network
19 June 2009
TRN Staff

Tehran, Iran (TRN) -- The ongoing turmoil throughout Iran is a result of deliberate destabilization efforts conducted by the US Central Intelligence Agency.

Operating under an operation code named "Restore a Shah" the CIA has been quietly funneling tens of millions of dollars to activists throughout Iran in order to intentionally foment the tumultuous protests being seen in that country since their recent national election.

For more than two years, tens of millions of dollars in U.S. cash has been covertly smuggled into Iran by U.S. troops operating in Iraq.

Sources inside the Pentagon have told TRN that much of that cash was recovered from former Iraqi leader Saddam Hussein. The source went on to say that the funds were never reported to U.S. civilian leaders in order that the CIA could make use of that cash as it deemed appropriate, without congressional oversight.....


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