Friday, June 19, 2009

John Birch Society "Protects" the Constitution ... but Advocates "Scrapping" it

From: "Darwin refuted and disputed at John Birch Society meeting"
By Coley Michalik

WEST ROXBURY - Members of the John Birch Society believe in protecting the U.S. Constitution from what they consider to be wavering while maintaining its integrity. ...

From: "The Rasmussen Reports Poll: Loading The Roll Of The Dice
The article discusses inaccuracies of a recently released Rasmussen Reports poll concerning the Constitution"

by Bill Walker
June 15, 2009

... Only groups from the extreme political right, such as the John Birch Society, have ever advocated the Constitution can be scrapped. In their opposition to an Article V Convention one of their major arguments is a convention may write a new constitution. To arrive at this conclusion means JBS accepts the premise the Constitution may be "scrapped" in the first place.

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How many members do the Birchers have these days?