Saturday, June 7, 2008

Response to Olivia re Jesus Christ


I've read all of your books, and your work is (excuse me for saying so) always horrifyingly interesting. I share your rage at times, and I've wondered for a long time, are you a Christian?

- Olivia

J. Paul Getty once said that the meek may inherit the earth, but they won't inherit the mineral rights. If I had any religion at all, it would resemble Native American mythology - exploiting the earth by tearing it up, warring over it, disrespecting and killing it, would be sinful. The ownership of mineral rights for the sole purpose of amassing great wealth would be unthinkable. So I'd create a God - Elaine the Turtle Goddess - and everyone would be evangelized into finding better ways to honor Elaine than Christians do their own anthropomorphic God - we would ALL inherit the earth, one that will continue to support the life that evolved on it, and that would make the Turtlehead very happy. - AC

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