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Georgia Homeowners News

A Letter to Georgia Governor Sonny Perdue

August 25, 2006

By Taffy & Andy Rice

Atlanta, Georgia - Following is a letter to Georgia Governor Sonny Perdue on behalf of Georgia property owners from the editor of Georgia Homeowners News


Dear Governor Perdue,

I am writing you in regard to a continuing pattern of willful crimes being perpetrated by members of the Georgia (GA) Court System, originating and disseminating from Cobb County Superior Court, protected by the GA Court of Appeals, members of the GA Attorney General's Office, and repeatedly upheld by the GA Supreme Court, as well as the 11th Circuit Federal Courts.

I have addressed these matters with you personally prior, Attorney General Baker, US Attorney Duffey, now a Federal Judge, Assistant US Attorney Russell Vineyard, GA FBI Head Greg Jones, and various government officials, who possess a statutory requirement to honor the 'rule of law'. Sir, I continue to address fraud by the Court based upon your recent efforts regarding the case precedence issue involving marriage, GA codified law, and the GA Constitution, Article V, Section II, Paragraph II. captioned as "Law enforcement". Specifically listed, the duties of the Governor are defined to include, "The Governor shall take care that the laws are faithfully executed and shall be the conservator of the peace throughout the state." It is this duty, upon which I tender this plea, that the rampant fraud against GA Citizens be ceased immediately.

Sir, as my husband and children informed you and your assistant in 2004, during "Saturday with Sonny" held in Smyrna, we have been victimized by overt fraud (, initially perpetrated by the law firm of Brock Clay Calhoun (BCC) along with their contemporaries, which was unlawfully sanctioned by Judge Adele Grubbs, ALL acting in violation of GA Law. While you assured us, that such actions could NOT occur in GA, these crimes and those affected have only continued to escalate their efforts. Just as in the lesson of Sara Tokars, the judiciary and related lawyers, appear to be exempt from abiding by the law, to the detriment of the law abiding citizens that yield the positions and authority they abuse.

During follow on discussions with Chief of Staff John Watson and your former Chief Counsel now current appointment to the GA Supreme Court Harold Melton, upon presentment of 327 pages of evidence to Melton regarding this willful 'theft by deception' and 'theft by taking,' condoned by the GA Courts, Melton stated the matter was a "separation of powers" issue, despite the constitutional mandate of the Governor's Office to uphold and enforce GA law, in addition to providing the mandatory governmental check and balance.

In addition to the unlawful case precedence (LMHA et al v. Rice et al), obtained by BCC against our family, neighbors, and every American property owner currently escalating, this fraudulent ruling has been used to exceed and negate statutory law akin to your objections and publicly stated fears regarding marriage being altered by case precedence, which will be used against ALL Georgians and Americans. With regard to the marriage issue, you surprisingly ordered the Supreme Court to overturn Judge Constance Russell ruling, or threatened to call a special session at taxpayer expense to correct the erroneous legislation authored by members of the legislature. How could a referendum issue supersede the obligation to protect Georgians from willful crimes being carried out by GA Courts? Why is crime allowed to stand and be used as case precedence affecting every GA Property Owner or Family with no action or comment from any elected official bearing sworn duties to assure such activity can NOT be effectuated?

Along with BCC, their fellow members associated with Community Associations Institute (CAI), have attempted to impose the fraudulent case precedence established in our case, despite multiple and ongoing appeals. Judge Grubbs unlawful efforts have only been furthered by court members and county employees, which included her ongoing lack of jurisdiction, refusal to obey GA Law, and fraud upon which the initial filing, as well as multiple rulings were based. Judge Grubbs has repeatedly sought to impose fraud upon other unsuspecting citizens and property owners, yet the Judicial Qualifications Commission, the GA BAR, and our elected officials, have despite their official mandates, refused to halt these overwhelming crimes.

Beyond this predatory case precedence, violations of law by the Court of Appeals, as well as the GA Supreme Court's refusal to review the matter like so many others involving divorce or child custody, have literally gone unchecked. Judge Grubbs, named a Chamber of Commerce 'Citizen of the Year' by BCC, has been literally aided and abetted by Judge Eldridge, Judge Adams, Judge Ruffin, Court of Appeals Clerk William Martin, Cobb Clerk Jay Stephenson, Cobb Department of Transportation, Cobb County Attorney Bishop, and Chairman Sam Olens among others. As a self proclaimed property rights advocate, asserted during your current re-election campaign, surely replete and overt violations of law against every property owner literally borne of fraud, will NOT be condoned and furthered by the Governor himself, members of his staff, the judiciary, or the legislature.

Despite the verification of rampant fraud and property theft, along with the persistent pattern by the Cobb Superior Court made known to the Board of Commissioners, GA Attorney General, and Mr. David Ratley of the Administrative Office of the Courts, violations of law continue to escalate. The cases of Sara Tokars, Wendy Titelman, Marquitta Portman, and Marla Ailion Wright are like the travesty against Robert Clark wrongly incarcerated for 23 years by senior partner Chuck Clay, or Leo Franks another Clay family victim wrongly tried and murdered, creating literal stains upon the codified and lawful standards of our state and her people.

For your familiarity, it was Wendy Titelman (, who according to court documents had her children taken from her, while being put on trial in Chief Judge James Bodiford's Courtroom, after having taken her children to seek medical attention and a necessary assessment by a Forensic Psychiatrist, following child abuse inflicted by her spouse according to court documents. While Ms. Titelman was found innocent of any wrong doing, custody was awarded to the husband allegedly violating their children, while the jury foreman was literally shocked and ultimately threatened for writing objections he and other jurists had to the proceedings tendered to the Court.

In the matter of Marquitta Portman (, the repeated use of Orders written by Cobb County Judges, who did not possess lawful jurisdiction or willing to abide by codified law, and include the bulk of the Cobb Bench. Those noted included Judges Flournoy, Stoddard, Robinson, Ingram, Bodiford, Kreeger, Nix, and Boyett, as well as Judge McCombs, called in by Cobb County Judges and the 7th District Administrative Court Judge. These overt acts against the people of GA and sworn oaths to uphold the 'rule of law' are absolutely offensive to the sensibilities of any law abiding citizen. For the Cobb County Superior Court to perpetrate fraud against law abiding citizens in the matter of a divorce proceeding or any legal review, is not only unconscionable, but clearly in direct opposition to law, and conversely mandated to be enforced, instead of violated. Perhaps efforts to recruit companies and citizens could be better achieved by returning a lawful climate to our state.

But most recently, the horrific matter of child support requirements and wrongful incarceration, has become the most repetitive and offensive of the unlawful efforts waged specifically by Judge Grubbs, who has been aided by Cobb Sheriff Neil Warren, and various members of the Cobb Superior Court. In the matter of Gallaher Breaux v. Gallaher, Richard was incarcerated for his inability to pay child support, though in accordance with GA Law, he proved unequivocally, his current inability to pay the court's requested funds. However, Mr. Gallaher was arrested, INSPITE of GA Law. This unlawful effort has literally created no less than a "debtor's prison" here in GA, which negates GA Law and every constitutional protection to include Article I, Section I, Paragraph XXIII. Imprisonment for debt which states, "There shall be no imprisonment for debt."

Similarly in the case of Marla Susan Ailion Wright, a mother literally being held for multiple and separate fraudulent monetary judgments, which she like Mr. Gallaher has demonstrated, she does not possess the ability to pay, has been incarcerated in opposition to GA Law for 16 months. In addition to charging her with "contempt" regarding her inability to pay, based upon monetary judgments resulting from Judge Grubbs requirement for her to provide her ex-husband and fellow BAR Member, as well as current spouse of Judge Grubb's personal friend Robin Adams, Bruce Ailion, with child support and other funds, ruled by an Arbitrator and proven to be not at issue. Judge Grubbs in opposition to the Arbitrator's decision despite proper pleadings having been repeatedly ignored, charged Marla with contempt. Though multiple Petitions for Supersedeas and Appeals have been properly tendered to GA Courts, which should be automatic and immediate, Judge Grubbs has refused to allow Mrs. Wright to be freed. Even following Judge Grubbs ultimate grant of supersedeas, Ms. Wright continues to be held.

Moreover, Sheriff Warren's Staff, having been made repeatedly aware of Judge Grubbs unlawful Orders, has also refused to act in accordance with GA Law. Not only has Marla been stripped of her assets, incarcerated, and denied due process, but she has also had every penny (100% of earnings), levied during prior work release, though garnishments as defined by O.C.G.A. 18-4-20(f) define the related threshold of garnishment, as one which cannot exceed 50%. The accounting sheet noted and made available to the world, undeniably delineates 100% of pay taken from her, and even demonstrates a daily cost to Marla for her incarceration. And while no Judge has the latitude to violate the law, both Judge Grubbs and Sheriff Warren are literally holding this woman in no less than a state of involuntary servitude, from which her contempt can NOT be purged, while she is illegally incarcerated.

Governor Perdue, I write to you as a Georgian, Republican, Christian, and Candidate for elective office having properly filed a challenge to electronic voting, upon which my name did not appear on select ballots. I emphatically request you act in accordance with your duty to enforce the laws of GA. Repeatedly Cobb Superior Court Members and Judge Grubbs have ordered the incarceration of those who spoke of violations by the Court regarding protected issues of free speech and due process, to include both my husband and myself during the recent election cycle, despite pending appeals and a Writ of Prohibition filed specifically against Judge Grubbs. Upon filing a Supersedeas (automatic according to GA Law), like that tendered by Marla Ailion Wright and Richard Gallaher, GA Law has been repeatedly ignored by Judge Grubbs and denied by her multiple and conflicting Orders. In our case, Judge Grubbs denied our initial supersedeas, based on clearly false assertions verifiable on the Order she signed. In the case of Marla Ailion Wright, her supersedeas was granted after multiple filings, but both Judge Grubbs and Sheriff Warren's Staff, have refused to release her in direct opposition to GA Law. Sir, these abominations do not bespeak a healthy moral, legal, or economic climate in our state.

As a result, I ask you Sir, in your Executive capacity, to address these travesties and the lack of due process available in Cobb County to GA Citizens, extending throughout various courts to include surrounding counties. As a result of Judge Grubbs repeated refusal to honor the law, my husband and I requested an investigation to be pursued by the US Attorney's Office in Atlanta during 2004. The result was a contact from Mr. Greg Jones, who refused to begin any investigation, the same as Assistant Attorney General Michael Hobbs, both responsible for issues borne of fraud in GA. However at that time, US Attorney Duffey assured us an investigation would begin based on BCC billing records specifically listing the use of government to create a criminal matter against us, contingent upon our silence with regard to the press. Subsequently Duffey was appointed to a US Federal Judgeship by the Bush Administration, and his temporary replacement Sally Yates, knew nothing of the matter and referred us to Russell Vineyard, who refused to address the federal and repeated due process violations, unlike the prosecution of Linda Shrenko, a former political opponent of yours prosecuted for tax issues. Since that time, we have not been allowed to speak with or meet with US Attorney Nahmias.

As a result of the 2004 experience, we contacted US Attorney Nahmias' Office during May and June of 2006. It was after contacting the Atlanta US Attorney's Office and conversation with the GA FBI, specifically Greg Jones employee Mr. Mike McKinney (Political Corruption Supervisor), who refused to investigate the matter of political corruption and judicial misconduct. Judge Grubbs illegal acts, political connections, and lack of repeated jurisdiction despite properly filed objections, recusals, disqualifications, along with multiple appeals pending, fraudulently ordered our arrest, despite her admitted lack of jurisdiction and a Writ of Prohibition pending against her in a legal matter borne of overt fraud by members of the Court. False Orders have been created, backdated, and even purposefully misfiled in secret files unknown to the public and suppressed from Appellate Court review. This willful violation of due process has been documented in multiple pleadings. Additionally, our appellate court record following a "Motion to Declare [2003] Order Void" was willfully destroyed in violation of law by Clerk Martin, despite the requirement mandated by GA Law for the Clerk to maintain the record upon written notification by a litigant. As a result, a properly tendered Mandamus is pending against Clerk Martin.

Please understand the fear and horror of GA Citizens laying witness to these escalating crimes and repeated denials of due process by members of the Court or Judiciary, continuously ignored by either our GA Legislative or Executive Branches, as members of the Judiciary continue to openly violate the law, to the detriment of the citizens they serve. It is my prayer Governor Perdue, you will directly address the obliteration of property interests, overturn the fraudulent effort made known to Representative Ehrhart, Senator Wiles, along with countless other incumbents and officials.

We MUST overturn the FRAUD, 'theft by taking', and 'theft by deception', currently condoned by this state and representative government. Clearly, an order MUST be entered to release Marla Ailion Wright immediately in accordance with GA Law, and address the void, illegal, repetitive, and willful acts of Judge Grubbs, in addition to related members of the GA Courts, so fully conveyed herein, thoroughly documented, and repeatedly made known to you, members of your staff, legislators, and members of the court, as well as the world via multiple websites and articles.

You might remember the sacrifices my family made in freely volunteering during your early administration. Like Richard Jewel and Sara Tokars, trying to do the right thing for others, all too often in GA, is transformed into historical travesty. Upon opening your mail, I remember the countless letters, asking for inquiry into legal or specific issues by Georgians. How uncanny, the issue of injustice has required me to become an author requesting your intervention and frequently protect my own property as well as family, have been made targets of predatory members of the Court. May God light your path as you seek re-election and recommit to protecting the interests of ALL Georgians, for truly we are ALL at risk.

As Governor, you MUST uphold the laws of GA, the inalienable rights of her citizens, and the requirements of her people, displayed prominently by the Great Seal of Georgia. In keeping Governor Perdue, I call upon you to ensure the guarantee noted upon that seal, found upon official papers which your executive orders often bear, including the assurance of wisdom, justice, and moderation, along with the protective separation, of our 3 branches of government: legislative, judicial, and executive. And as on the GA Seal, we like the guardian with drawn sword, yield any necessary assistance to ensure the citizens of GA, may rely as well as be guaranteed constitutional and statutory justice by our Governor, elected officials, as well as the GA Courts. May you too be swift in restoring the 'rule of law,' and demand some semblance of lawful order be established in the Cobb County Superior Court, along with the various related courts across this state, as have we, ( We await your immediate attention in these matters, and memorialize this repeated demand and right, currently denied across this state to countless Georgians, in the name of our government, which you choose to serve as the ultimate and responsible authority.


Taffy and Andy Rice

Case References Include: Civil Action Number (CAN)

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