Thursday, October 23, 2008

Correction to Gaffe provides a link to my web site, and identifies me as "Alex Jones."

Please tighten up at I am not "Alex Jones," and there is no excuse for this confusion. Jones is a conspiracy theorist whose motives I question, one who falls for planted disinformation and disseminates it. I'm not. Two different people, and NFU should already know that. Before making another gaffe, please note that I'm not half-baked, anti-Semitic clown Jeff Rense, either.

- AC

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NewsFollowUp said...

Thanks for your error has been corrected...
by the way
have you seen our research on the Roland Carnaby case in Houston. We now believe that Alan Premel was a business partner of Roland Carnaby, he was a CIA official and was deeply involved in the intelligence contracting community. This is based on unimpeachable photos and information that could only have come from a genuine source...
thanks again
Steve Francis NFU