Tuesday, October 14, 2008

The CIA Hate Mail Corner

Oh, I DO get hate mail for spitting on fascism, often in the form of death threats:

"Hey, Constantine, or whatever your real name is, kiss my ass. You left an arrogant, nasty post on my blog several months ago heavily criticizing me, so go fuck yourself. If I ever see you, you'd better be armed and ready. Scumbag. You fucking self-aggrandizing dildo." - Apocalypto

Apocalypto, according to his profile page, is a 66 year-old retired airline pilot who lives in the UK. In a prior post, Mr. Apocalypto wrote that "Alex Constantine is cordially invited to kiss my Irish ass. In a comment on my little blog, he invited me to write a book, meanwhile rabidly insulting me. (You're pathetic, Alex. Don't tell me to take on the CIA. I used to work for them, indirectly, headjob. ... "

That explains why I insulted him, though I don't recall it - he's an "indirect" CIA stinkbug.

An airline pilot who, in his distant prime, worked for the CIA curses my name and makes death threats ... because I told him to write a book.

If anyone knows the identity of this poor wanker - obsessing in the dark over my sharp tongue months after the flame was posted - please contact me. I want to meet the old stinker and give him his wish, if he's coming to the U.S. at all, ever.

He deserves a chance to kill me. I've survived CIA torture, cross-country cult gang stalking, several murder attempts - one that ended with my attacker, Warren West, going to prison.

I've always said, based on observation of anti-fascist resistance, that if someone isn't threatening to kill one, one isn't doing anything important.

Poor old bastard - I have no idea what he's talking about, and he's still licking wounds, revelling in violent fantasies, plotting my murder ... and all the while, he sits on a hot ball of rock that hurtles through cold space, waiting out his own short life span. Death obsesses him, too. Maybe that's why he chose the alias "Apocalypto."

- AC

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