Friday, May 23, 2008

Chief of U.S. Interests Section Channeling Money from Terrorists in Miami to Mercenaries in Cuba

• "Roundtable" program reveals new, irrefutable evidence of conspiracy between terrorist mafia in Miami, Washington authorities and mercenary factions on the island

Granma daily staff writers

THEY cannot plead ignorance or innocence. All of them acted with total awareness of what they were doing and complete premeditation. They knew where the money was coming from, why they were making themselves available to carry it, and for whom it was intended.

Everything was irrefutably demonstrated on Part Three of the "Roundtable" program, "The Scandalous Terrorists-Mercenaries-U.S. Government Connection," broadcast on Wednesday, May 21, and hosted by journalist Randy Alonso. It was shown that the chief of mission and another official in the U.S. Interests Section in Havana played the role of couriers in transporting money supplied by a notorious terrorist, from the United States to Cuba, for the activities of the lackeys who, working for Washington, are attempting to assault Cuba’s internal order and national security. ...

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