Monday, May 19, 2008

Clint and Sid Choose a Couple of Presidents

Alex: JFK dead photos for you. This is from []. I don't know if the photos are altered, but it is LBJ with Jackie O being sworn in as Prez. just after JFK gets shot. LBJ freind winking implies LBJ did it I think says rense, haven't read it. How the misinfoze use it, you'll know how to rebuttal the butt heads. - V.

V The winking allegation is asinine. Johnson was taken aside the night before the murder of Kennedy by Sid Richardson - a client of John Connally. They did attempt to enrich Johnson to ensure his silence:

"At a meeting at the luxurious Greenbrier Hotel in the mountains of West Virginia, Marsh offered Johnson his share in a Texas oil company owned by Sid Richardson at no initial cost. Johnson would simply pay Marsh from his yearly profits. What surprised Marsh and Brown was that Johnson turned the offer down. 'I can’t be an oil man, he said; if the public knew I had oil interest, it would kill me politically.'"

It wasn't the first time that Richardson and Murchison, financiers of the Kennedy murder, decided who would be president:

" ... In 1952 the group led by Russell faced a serious problem. The two candidates Adlai Stevenson (Democrat) and Dwight Eisenhower (Republican), both posed a threat to the interests of the oil and gas industry. Eventually it was decided to back Eisenhower. Clint Murchison and Sid Richardson agreed to provide Eisenhower with a large sum of money. They also agreed to join forces with J. Edgar Hoover to run a smear campaign against Stevenson. ... "

But Johnson was going along for the ride. He didn't have many other options ...

It's clear to me, though, that the wind down of the Vietnam debacle was not the motive of underlying the murder. The machinery to kill Kennedy went into motion the moment he was elected president over Richard Nixon, and culminates in November, 1963.

- AC

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