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Re The Shooting of a "CIA Operative" by Houston Police

" ... The black Jeep Commander Carnaby was driving is registered to the National Security Command Center. ... Federal credentials were also found inside the SUV but investigators are still trying to determine if the identification is real. ... Relatives said they have plenty of proof that Carnaby was CIA, including an autographed book from, they say, his very close friend, former CIA Director George Tenet. ... "

Video of the Carnaby shooting Alex Constantine

Bullet-drilled Roland Carnaby, self-described CIA agent, with a black helicopter.

See: "Houston: Mystery Surrounding 'CIA Operative' Deepens as Details Emerge"


Interesting that the Roland Carnaby case was followed up on by Houston media. They hit it pretty hard first few days, and the word was the CIA would come and validate the identification. Of course, the story went black here. ... I guess it is strange that he ran. I guess he had something more important going on. I know you are busy man. I will ask yes or no question. Was it a hit? Is that why he ran? - B.

B: Not too hard to work out, really.

There aren't many options - either he'd been caught in the act of doing something highly illegal - and there is no indication of that - or he was in a state of fear for his life. He flashed a CIA ID and the officers didn't buy it.

The CIA disavows any connection.

Let's assume that he had some interesting connections, however, that CAN be established. Who did he actually know? If he was a smuggler of some kind, experience (see The Bluegrass Conspiracy, by Sally Denton, for the pattern I'm about to describe) tells me that he would have a link to the local import regulatory body - say, the Port Authority:

Houston Chronicle, May 1: " ... The couple had private dinners with the head of the Houston Port Authority... "

There it is. This answers an important question: where did the contraband enter the state? At the port. So, if I was an investigator looking into it, I'd do a newspaper search for smuggling arrests at the Port for a possible connection.

The commissioner of the Houston Port Authority is Mr. James T. Edmonds. Here's his bio:

" ... current Director and Member of Executive Committee at Greater Houston Partnership. Edmonds serves as chairman of the Partnership's World Trade Supervisory Board and has served as chairman of the Port of Houston Authority since June 2000. His own firm assists clients with legislative and regulatory matters at the local and state levels of government. ... "

This is something to know more about. Also, politicians and corporations involved:

" ... In the 1960s, Edmonds served as executive assistant to former Mayor Louie Welch. He also served as administrative assistant to the late John B. Connally, then governor of Texas."

John B. Connally's pit of evil. Bingo. (In his prime, John Connally's legal clients included oil billionaire Sid Richardson, said to have been a key financier of the John Kennedy assassination, and his nephew-partner, Perry Bass.)

" ... In the private sector, Edmonds was a founding partner of the investment banking firm of Masterson, Moreland, Sauer & Whisman, Inc. He was also a consulting principal with KPMG-Peat Marwick. ... "

KPMG. Bingo. (And while we're at it, take a look at the corporate connections of the Port Authority Board of Directors:

" ... [Edmonds] serves on the board of visitors of the Texas A&M University at Galveston and the board of Space Center Houston. Edmonds received his bachelor's degree from Abilene Christian University. ... ",%20Inc.

Mister Christian Establishment from John Connally's office. Nail down Edmond's connections, tweak out the CIA and known fascist connections, and you will have more answers.

But to smuggle contraband and stay out of prison, the organized criminal with intelligence connections is bound to know cops, too:

" ... Carnaby also was close friends with former Harris County Sheriff Johnny Klevenhagen, who she said was best man at their wedding in 1986. Klevenhagen died in 1999. ... "

John Joseph "Johnny" Klevenhagen, Jr was Houston old school - racist ...


You might have expected Klevenhagen to be a Republican, but he was a Democrat. And he didn't put up with nonsense: New York Times, November 8, 1988: " ... Sheriff Johnny Klevenhagen defended his department's policy that allows deputies to shoot to stop an escape. ... " Texas lawmen don't mess around. They will shoot you in the back ...

His department employed a stereotypical psychotic-killer-with-a-badge or two:

"Roland Carnaby, left, is shown in this undated photo with Houston Police Chief Harold Hurtt taken at a HPD Policeman's Ball" (KHOU caption)

For an ideal smuggling ring, you need the Port and the sheriff, a few other key positions of authority (coroner, too).

Who else? Houston Chronicle May 1: During the high-speed chase, "... Carnaby called an acquaintance in Houston Police Department's internal affairs division, trying to get someone to vouch for him to the patrolman." Connections at Internal Affairs are a hedge against investigations of the police role in the illicit operation. "Later, as he raced away from pursuing officers at speeds up to 120 mph, the man who had for years projected the persona of a federal intelligence officer apparently called a contact he knew in the FBI."

Carnaby at the FBI Academy

This is how The Company did it in Lexington, Kentucky. They cover key positions: governor, airport director, FBI, travel regulatory bodies, police.

Cops are deeply involved. They tend to off witnesses and whistle-blowers. What else?

Contraband likes UPS because the shipping service is private and has no postal inspectors:

"Even the staff at the UPS location where Carnaby had two different mailboxes thought he was a covert lawman. Mysteriously, that's all they would say at UPS, because Carnaby's widow and lawyer asked them not to say anything more. Longtime friend Alan Helfman helped Carnaby start the local chapter of the Association for Intelligence Officers. He, too, is convinced his buddy was an operative. ... "
(Source: 6, 2008)

What else? Roland Vincent Carnaby would have a secret life ...

Carnaby "had become a shadowy figure, one who apparently concealed from his wife his true whereabouts and from his friends many of the pertinent details of his private life." Smuggling.

He "'never really wanted to talk about his personal life,' said one friend who asked not to be named."

So now you can resolve the contradictions this way:

Roland Carnaby's CIA mementos

His "bona fides were too solid and his recognition by former intelligence personnel too genuine for him to be a fake."

He was real. This is why everyone is scratching their heads and calling it a "mystery." He was real ... but "the CIA disputes this." Of course.

"While we do not as a rule publicly deny or confirm employment, I will tell you in this case that Mr. Carnaby was not an employee of the Central Intelligence Agency," CIA spokesman Paul Gimigliano said. "He was never a CIA officer."

Of course. No mystery here. The CIA is not about to acknowledge that this dead smuggler worked for them. And he may not have been on the payroll, but he operated like one of them. The same can be said for the cocaine smugglers in the Bluegrass Conspiracy example - they weren't official employees of the Agency. The CIA would not admit, "Adnan Khashoggi works for us." Noriega "didn't work for" the CIA. Smugglers "don't work for" the CIA.

They're silenced when it goes awry - especially in an election year.

That takes it to another plane - keep sifting through his connections, and a political tie will turn up. And that will be the hottest lead in this case. That Port Authority needs a good combing over, too, and the dead sheriff, and that's where the answers lie in wait to be found. I haven't gone there yet - but that's how you piece it together.

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eyeswideoopen said...

Watch the videos on the UNISYS website, it should give you an idea of what you're looking at:
Global Supply Chain Management - what does that mean? It means controlling global commerce.

Global Information Infrastructure

Have you heard of the 'Trusted Shipper' program? This one is really good - another global scale computer system. Theoretically, a manufacturer signs up for prescreening to make sure he's a good guy (company) and then he can ship without inspection... because he is 'trusted'.

Now you should understand the UPS connection.

What was Enron really doing? They were building the 'mother of all commodities procurement systems' - Jeff Skilling wanted them to be the Internet commodities middlemen.