Thursday, November 12, 2009

Re: DynCorp Sub-Contractor Inter-Risk was Behind the Oct. 10th Suicide Bombing of Pakistan's Army HQ

Also see: "Islamabad: Americans Dressed as Afghans Caught With Illegal Weapons and Explosives"

From: US wants diplomats’ number hiked to record 749

* Islamabad IG says he released US nationals under ‘diplomatic immunity’

By Zulfiqar Ghuman
Pakistan Daily Times
October 30, 2009

ISLAMABAD: The National Assembly’s Sub-Committee on Human Rights was informed on Thursday that the United States wanted to raise the strength of its diplomats in Pakistan to 749.

Foreign Ministry officials told the body that the Foreign Office had extended the visas of 432 US nationals during last year. “The strength of US diplomats in India and Russia is 325 and 560 respectively,” they said. ...

NWFP Inspector General Malik Naveed told the body India, Israel and Afghanistan were responsible for the NWFP becoming a hostile region. He also said a US-based agency, Dynacorp, was operating in the province. The sub-committee had summoned a meeting to hear several reports about the activities of foreign agencies, including Blackwater, in Pakistan. Pakistan Muslim League-Nawaz leader Javed Hashmi chaired the meeting. ...

The body also expressed displeasure over the government’s failure to come up with a satisfactory response over the recent arrest and release of four US nationals, disguised as Afghan nationals, in Islamabad.

Release: Islamabad IG Kaleem Imam said he had released the arrested US nationals under “diplomatic immunity”. Hashmi said no foreign diplomat should be allowed to use fake licence plates and illegal weapons. ... “The licence of Inter-Risk has been cancelled and investigations are under way,” he said. ...

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