Tuesday, November 10, 2009

Re: TruthMove.Org is a CIA "Vacuum Cleaner" Operation

I neglected to mention in my root post that TruthMove.org - in its search for a shadow to cast across my work - has reported that I'd been denied access "to the Mae Brussell files for ten years." Now, I thought the last time that I dipped into the Brussell files was a year ago or so, but Truthmove.org says I'm wrong.

We need to get to the bottom of this serious accusation. Researcher Virginia McCullough is the keeper of the Mae Brussell files. Let's ask her:

My publisher Kate Dixon forwarded me the exchange between Alex Constantine and [Truthmove.org] "administrator" christs4sale. ...

Now that I have read his untrue comments, I wish to respond and correct his inaccurate statements about the Mae Brussell archives and about fellow researcher and friend Alex Constantine.

Alex Constantine and I exchange information frequently and whenever Alex requests documentation from the Mae Brussell Archives, I comply as quickly as possible because I consider Alex to be an ethical and dedicated researcher and writer. In addition to his obvious talents and intellect he is one of the few individuals who always gives credit where cedit is due. Certainly he has always done so when he uses information from Mae Brussell's works. ...

Four days ago christs4sale stated on this forum that he was going to email me for confirmation about some of some of his allegations re Mae and Alex. I never received any such email. Perhaps that is because this person was going to email a web site belonging to Kate Dixon. So that he is no longer confused, my email address is XXXXXXXX. Now he has no excuse and I hope he follows through so that his statements in the future reflect what really transpired.

- Virginia McCullough

I guess Truthmove.org was mistaken. It appears that I haven't been locked out of the Brussell files, after all. Hunh? How do you suppose the supercilious donut heads and Orcs at Truthmove.org make such a drastic error of fact?


- AC

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