Monday, November 9, 2009

TruthMove.Org is a CIA "Vacuum Cleaner" Operation

Caveat - is run by CIA tools. Anyone visiting the site has to be impressed with the way TM administrators contain and program opinion, smear researchers they can't corral, engage in long fake discussions in which verboten topics and researchers are given the Fox treatment, planted research promoted.

A regular at TM, Mark Bilk, called me a few years ago, claiming that he'd dialed my number "accidently" ... randomly, that is, out of the blue - of all the phone numbers in the country, happened to ring my phone a few states away - right ... gentle reader, try dialing random numbers and see how quickly you and I connect ... the odds against that are so immense it would take Carl Sagan - risen from the dead due to a "coincidence" of natural processes - to compute them.

But while I have you on the phone, let me brainwash you with the notion that Israel was behind 9/11 ...

Mr. Bilk (interesting name) went on for hours with his Israel-damning conspiratorial moonshine. I know full well that Israel was not behind 9/11, but this "expert" wouldn't consider any other explanation. (He also went on ad infinitum about cold fusion and "free energy," and wouldn't hear that "I find this improbable, and some of your sources are dubious. ... ")

Bilk and his fellow crows on the TM wire engage in cult-style tactics to program opinion. Personal abuse is used to silence, faux arguments are held up as indusputable, academic shills are promoted as the final word on 9/11. Depart from TM's line of misdirection, and the poor ne'er-do-well is flamed to death.

I once took offense at TM's vicious attempt to link me with a website I'd never even seen before and researchers that I hardly knew. Further, I was "promoting" arguments that I'd never expressed an opinion about. I pointed out these facts at my own blog, and TM's owner went on the offensive, told me he'd been "tracking" me, called me foul names, plied innuendo to "link" me to researchers I knew little about and thereby made me appear "suspicious," wrote to friends of mine to bad-mouth me ... for correcting TM's false claims re myself. Where do I get off defending my name with the facts?

I recommend that researchers avoid the site because TM is nothing but trouble, as I've learned first-hand. If you don't want them "accidently" misdialing you at home to go on for hours about how "Israel did it," buttressed by half-baked forensic "proofs," I advise that researchers steer clear of these cultic flatulence peddlers.

- AC

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