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Obituary: Fascist "Captive Nations" Creep Lev Dobriansky Checks Out

Lev E. Dobriansky, 89; Professor and Foe of Communism
February 6, 2008

Lev E. Dobriansky, 89, an ambassador to the Bahamas, a professor of economics at Georgetown University and an anti-communist activist, died of a heart attack Jan. 30 at his residence in Springfield.

Dr. Dobriansky was the author in 1959 of the Captive Nations Week Resolution, celebrated annually by Congress and the White House for nearly five decades. ....
Lev E. Dobriansky

Lev E. Dobriansky, Ph.D., was born November 9, 1918, in New York City. He is Professor of Economics Emeritus at Georgetown University.

On October 25, 1982, Dr. Dobriansky of Virginia was nominated by President Ronald Reagan as Ambassador of the Bahamas to succeed William B. Schwartz. Dobriansky remained on this post until August 30, 1986.

Dobriansky worked in an official capacity in Chile (1975-1976).

"In 1942-1948, Dr. Dobriansky was an instructor in economics at New York University. Since 1948 he has been with Georgetown University as assistant professor of economics (1948-1952), associate professor of economics (1952-1960), and professor of economics (1960-present). He has also been director of the Institute on Comparative Economic and Political Systems since 1970. He was a faculty member at the National War College in 1957-1958. He has served as a consultant with the Department of State, the International Communication Agency, and the United States House of Representatives. In 1974-1975, he was a member of the National Commission for the Observance of World Population Year."

Dobriansky taught "The Economics of Socialism" at Georgetown University.
"Dobriansky graduated from New York University (B.S., 1941; M.A., 1943; Ph. D., 1951). He is the author of numerous books and articles. His foreign languages are French, Ukrainian, Russian, and German."

His daughter, Paula Dobriansky, is a senior officer in the U.S. State Dept. (since 2000), and one of the early neo-conservatives. His other daughter, Larisa Dobriansky, is a lawyer specializing in "environmental issues" who has worked at the U.S. Energy Dept. and has also been party to the undermining of the adoption of the Kyoto Environmental treaty. She also was an environmental lawyer at Akin Gump.

Other activities

Ukrainian National Information Service (UNIS) First Director[5].
OSS officer during WWII (OSS was the forerunner of the CIA)
American Council for World Freedom (ACWF), board member
National Captive Nations Committee, Chairman
United States Council for World Freedom Director
Victims of Communism Memorial Foundation Chairman Emeritus [6]
Such an Expensive Freedom, or the Domino Effect
Strategic Culture Foundation

... Lev Dobriansky, who pathologically hates Russia, was awarded with the “Truman -Reagan Medal of Freedom” in 2005. Speaking at the award presentation ceremony Dobriansky said: “Despite the end of the Cold War and the break-up of the Soviet Union, empires still exist and still hold nations captive. There is enough evidence in Moscow that President Vladimir Putin intends to maintain the first ring, what used to be Russian SFSR and that there continues to be pressure on imperial holdings”. Applauding the “colour revolutions” on the post-Soviet space as “liberation-wise” Dobriansky urged Washington to continue building on what has already been achieved, including the struggle for liberation and westernisation of “the captive nations” into the context of the global fight against terrorism.

Lev Dobriansky is an out-and-out Russophobe, a Ukrainian nationalist, and the first director of the Ukrainian Congress Committee, who founded more than ten foundations and lobby groups, including Victims of Communism Memorial Foundation (VCMF) that has many affiliations in Europe, Asia, Australia and Latin America. This organisation is said to have ties with the most macabre global organisations, including groups of the followers of Mun and neo-fascists. At times the CIA also appears on the list of VCMF contacts. The VCMF international council board is made up of former and current Presidents of Estonia, Latvia, Lithuania, Hungary, Albania and Poland (as representatives of the Captive Nations), while Russia is represented by Elena Bonner and Vladimir Bukovsky. The presence in the Council of another ominous figure, an agent of several intelligence services British Brian Crozier whose name was more than once mentioned in western media in connection with operations for “regime changing” in different parts of the globe is a logical rounding off of the image of this organisation.

Another touch to Lev Dobriansky’s biography. During WWII he served at the Office of Strategic Services (OSS), a deeply screened body, a predecessor of the CIA. In 1988 it lost its confidentiality, and the U.S. Congress even issued a directive, demanding that all information about OSS contacts with the Nazis against the Soviet Union be made public. There were no sensational disclosures, but certain information was published about its ways of waging the psychology and sabotage warfare that dealt with, in particular, communication techniques, recruiting and organisation of the agent networks, destabilisation of domestic situations in individual countries using “the ethnic weapons” (the OSS had certain expertise in working with Germans, Latin Americans, the world Jewish community and national minorities). That helps understand better the words said about him by the current leader of the Committee of Ukrainian Congress Michael Sawkiw, a staunch defender of the “orange” revolution in Ukraine: “he understood the need for ethnic politics like no one else.”

And there is another not insignificant aspect of this theme: Lev Dobriansky’s daughter Paula Dobriansky is the leading adviser on the problems of the post-Soviet space for U.S. State Secretary Condoleezza Rice.

Family clans made of the natives of “the Captive nations” represent an outstanding and efficiently active part of the anti-Russia lobby in the United States. Zbiegnew Brezinsky and sons, Andrei Karatnitzky and his wife Nadia Duke, Anne Appelbaum and her husband, former Polish Defence Minister Radek Sikorsky, Elena Bonner and her daughter Tatiana Yankelevich, the Kara-Murza family on the RTV1 – all those who are allowed to serve the interests of the global elite arrange criss-cross business everywhere, consolidating “their circle” complete with their wives, children, relations and people sharing their beliefs. They would never let anyone near “theirs”, and especially to the main thing, distribution of financial flows and activities of different “public” and “charity” foundations.

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