Monday, December 22, 2008

Blacklist will Remain a Going Concern

I'll be blogging here on a limited basis until further notice. The other political
AC blogs have been discontinued due to a lack of public support of any kind. The Blacklist and my music blog will remain active, though I'll be scaling down my political research output here. The Mae Brussell book and Psychic Dictatorship II are no longer available. Explanation: Two thousand hits a day is not nearly enough to have an effect on America's love affair with corporate fascism (who can compete with the quality programming at Fox News, or belly-button pop music, or a thousand escapist, mindless pursuits to make the illusion of freedom last a little longer) - and having been tortured and nearly lost my life on a few occasions trying to pull us out of this nightmare - I find that Americans are, in general, not worth the trouble. They will have their fascism despite my warnings and best efforts to turn it back. When the smoke clears, I will wonder what everyone was thinking ... - AC

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Hei Hu Quan said...

Greetings Mr. Constantine,
As a long time follower of your brilliant research and books I want to personally thank you for your dedicated work on the behalf of those who do care. I am compelled to write this to extend my gratitude for all you've done to expose and drive these crimes and the monsters behind them into the light. If there was anyone who could ever walk in the firm path of the illustrious Mae Brussell it was you and your considerable investigative fortitude. In these hellish times where cowardice is rewarded with more crushing open fascism, there are few lights to beckon warriors to stand. You have been one of these lighthouses that has shined a beacon for those who seek justice in dark seas of despair.

Humanity (and this is a most generous, undeserved application) in this part of the world, has been reduced to self-consumed, insular voyeurs content to watch the rolling snuff flick of the world turning to shite. They sickeningly bask in proud ignorance, self-delusion and self-interest whilst noshing on cheap available goods paid for by the blood of the enslaved. Abomination after abomination is greeted with silence and tacit acceptance, as the smug and self-sanctified contort themselves in ever smaller confinements of pseudo-freedom.

I don't blame you for retracting the pearls you cast to swine bred to be loathsome cowards and worse. It is they who will have to look their children in the eyes and admit they did nothing to stop this hell and the monsters who created it about them.

Cheers to a true warrior named Alex Constantine, you shall ever have my respect for your work, bravery and strength.