Friday, December 19, 2008

Open Note to Matt Janovic re Defamation

Matt Janovic's e-mail account screens out anyone who isn't approved in advance, so I am posting this publcly for his information:

Mr. Janovic: You will soon have an opportunity to prove the claim that I am "profiting from the death of Ms. Palfrey," that I am an "arch-conservative" (?) and other inflammatory statements - in court. Unless ...

You prove it in print - or retract. Unsupportable smears are also legally unsupportable, and I have you dead to rights, as you know.

If you don't don't prove (or retract) these and the other vicious misstatements about me that you have posted on the Internet (simply because I do not believe that Palfrey was a "suicide,' a suspicion shared by millions of others, I believe), I will win a judgment against you with very little effort because your statements are unsupportable.

BTW, Jaye Beldo DID have his smears regarding myself up for ONE day - and took it down when I notified him that it was well and good to make published statements, but now he had to prove them. Jaye couldn't, so he deleted his post (to save his legal hide). Some vicious wretch reposted it at a nutty conspiracy site that dwells on the "Illuminati." Beldo is an afficianado of anti-Semtic "channeller of spirits" Laura Knight-Jadzyk, and took offense at my rejection of her occult "work." In retaliation, he flamed me with defamations - a juvenile temper tantrum, really - as you have over the Palfrey case.

I'm not the measure of anyone's failure. I have earned all the respect that comes my way (and seems to keep you awake at night), and will defend it against liars (who are expected, actually) like you.

I just took accused pedophile Robert Wadman down in court. You're next. Prove every defamatory statement - or recant. If you don't, I win an easy court judgment against you.

It may seem as though "anything goes" on the Web, but legal protections still apply, and they're all on my side.

- AC

PS: This is a big opportunity for you - show your documentation, witness statements, etc., and I post all those deep, dark incriminations of Alex Constantine right here.

I can prove anything I write, and usually do with references up front. You should operate the same way. Now, show the world how credible you are - PROVE your statements about me. It's not enough to say, "Alex profited from the DC Madam's death," etc. - a very mean and damaging smear, if false (well, not "if"). You show us your hand. Go on, should be easy for a self-defined "intellectual." Post your supporting documentation. I could do it, so an important "cultural engineer" like youself should have no problem here. Show us your hand or this is going to cost you big time at the Poker table, asshole.

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