Sunday, December 23, 2007

Dishonesty is Editorial Policy at Fox News

Opinion: At Fox News Special Report, Dishonesty is Editorial Policy: The Rancid Political Grapevine
David Fiderer
Dec 21, 2007

On the Political Grapevine segment of Special Report for December 12, 2007, Brit Hume put words in the mouth of Pope Benedict. "The pope, it seems, is a global warming skeptic," he reported, referencing the pontiff's annual World Peace Day message. "Benedict XVI is warning that solutions to climate change must be based on solid science, not politics and that the welfare of humans must take precedence over animals and plants."

Read the message yourself, which contains nothing to suggest any doubt about global warming. What global warming skeptic asserts that "the problems looming on the horizon are complex and time is short," so that wealthy countries "have a pressing need' to "reassess the high levels of consumption" and "search for alternative sources of energy and for greater energy efficiency"? ...


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