Thursday, December 27, 2007

New Revelations in Kennedy Assassination

AC Note: The murder of John Kennedy was planned and overseen by Charles Willoughby/Weidenbach, who laid a maze of false trails leading to Dallas by manipulating individuals and groups like pieces on a Parker Brothers game board, each performing self-implicating acts or making suspicious statements that linked them to the assassination. The strategy involved look-alikes. After the assassination, anyone investigating the self-implicating acts would find himself either pursuing a false trail (riding a bus to Mexico), or utterly lost in the maze of seemingly unresolvable cover stories (Mafia, Castro, Soviets ... there were false trails laid down for each).

The American people have been herded into the second category. ...


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teak said...

Oh my, I was googling the names of the shootings in Wash. State when I seen some odd results, I followed up from there. Your post about JFK sounds just like that. !

I read and appreciate your work. I didn't know TD and JB but searched many hours for answers. It is almost like they were telling you a long story, only they didn't get to finish.

I doubt if this addy still works. you can leave a comment on that blog, even though I don't post anymore. I just like searching and reading. :)