Wednesday, December 19, 2007

The Murder of Theresa Duncan: Cover-Up at Wikipedia

By Alex Constantine

Take a look at the Wikipedia page for Theresa Duncan. The discussion of her politics and "suicide" is straight disinformation. If you inspect the edit history of the Theresa Duncan page, you will find that a few "editors" are allowing only disinformation about her "suicide" to be posted, eg. Rupert Murdoch shill Kate Coe's smears in the LA Weekly.

I've tried repeatedly to post information about CIA Mockingbird Jim Cownie and Theresa's research on his connection to a child prostitution net in Omaha. Theresa was about to publish a story about all of this when she was suddenly inspired to commit "suicide."

Coe at the Weekly and other plants in the media churned out stories smearing Duncan and her allegations, with psychic certainty that she was a raging "paranoiac" peddling baseless "theories."

A few Wikipedia editors, including "Orientald" and "MissCandy," are hovering over the site to make certain that the external links section of Theresa's page take you only to the smear stories. This clutch of censors edited out a letter by a close friend of Theresa's pointing up the many deliberate inaccuracies in the Coe smear piece, and posted the latter in its place. My own link to important information about Cownie, Mockingbird and the media cover-up were censored out repeatedly, and marked as "spam."

The spam is the disinformation about the circumstances of Theresa's death posted at Wiki. Any information about her politics is censored out to make her appear "paranoid," a fool. By extension, all bloggers are made to appear paranoid fools, and this is the propaganda victory for American fascism, one of the "fruits" of her murder.

Kate Coe is a Rupert Murdoch shill. The angle given by CIA Mockingbird propaganda on Theresa's political writing - which was sophisticated, top-shelf - can only be distorted. Perception management of this sort is the reason "we" are in Iraq - and why the CIA has gotten away with an untold number of murders.

Also see: "Fake News and Propaganda: Shaping Our Reality"


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