Sunday, December 23, 2007

FASCISM AND US - Corporate interests hijacking our government and HOAs/CICs

Can't help but notice that fascism is a hot topic these days among manicured media celebrities. The word crops up on high-spin chat shows almost as frequently as the phrase, "I'm no conspiracy theorist, but ... ." There is widespread confusion over the definition of the term. "Conservatives" claim that it is abused by liberals ... and go on to write books in which it is turned inside out to describe the Left, a gross semantic abuse. This article should help "conservatives" comprehend a concept that seems to completely escape them. God bless. - AC
FASCISM AND US [continued]
Corporate interests highjacking our government and HOAs/CICs

By Jan Jackson
December 19, 2007

Florissasnt, Colorado -

"Fascism begins with the unfettered control of government by corporate and business interests which leads to the detriment of the well-being of the many for the benefit of the few."

In HOAs and CICs, the "few" are usually the associations' boards of directors and their member cabals. The "many" are all of the rest of the homeowners.
"Once the corporate and money powers have co-opted government, they are then able to work with government officials - [both of whom] may [often do] have their own self-interested motives and ideologies."..."

Once power-and-money-seeking HOA/CIC boards of directors have taken control of an HOA/CIC, they are free to implement their self-serving interests with fascist abandon.

"...fascism begins to manifest itself at the point when corporate interests highjack the operations of the government [or the operations and administration of HOAs and CICs]."

" and government have always been intertwined ... Yet ... in history there was a degree of separation and distinction between the functioning of each body ... When working within the appropriate checks and balances, this enables a capitalist society to prosper and grow ... In order for a society and its people to continue to be free and prosper the government must let economies thrive ..."

"However, in order for a society [or an HOA/CIC] and its people [or homeowners] to be treated equally and with justice, the government [or board of directors] is needed to legislate and regulate the capitalist system so that it does not ultimately devour itself through its own desire for continual wealth. This is the act of mutual balance that is needed in a strong and healthy capitalist [or HOA/CIC community] system."

"A fascist government [or corrupt HOA/CIC board of directors] is one which is terminally ill with an incurable cancer. In a fascist society [or HOA/CIC community] this system of mutual balance has completely and utterly collapsed to the point where government [or HOA/CIC] is not functioning as the representative of the people, but the security guard for the corporate [or board of directors] interests."

Stay tuned. More of this author's analysis of today's fascist American government and society coming up.

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