Tuesday, December 18, 2007

Poem: Revelations of Secret Surveillance, by Judy Malloy

[Performed at the University of California at Santa Cruz; (Hypertext 2004) included in the Net Art Open; (Dublin, Ireland) the 2005 Web Biennial at the Istanbul Contemporary Art Museum and the Hellenic American Union in Athens; and the Rhizome ArtBase.]
Revelations of Secret Surveillance
By Judy Malloy

From a book by Alex Constantine,
he read how the sense that many musicians had
that they were being stalked
was revealed as justifiable paranoia when FBI files on musicians were
made public.

There were 89 pages of FBI notes on Jim Morrison,
663 documents about Elvis Presley,
and evidence that the FBI had spied on Leonard Bernstein's every move
for more than 30 years.

A rattling wind blew across the stage,
Water fell in sheets from the ceiling.
Archie was drenched.
The microphone he had been using
sizzled as if it would never work again.
The papers from which he had been reading
blew from the table beside him
and scattered into the auditorium.


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