Friday, November 28, 2008

One for the Books

There are two of them sold at this blog - and sales have been disappointing. This means that I don't eat ... no problem for you-all. It also means that I will soon have no time to attend to my blogs. This isn't a pay site, like Wayne Madsen's ... and those planted on the Net by the CIA and "conservatives" to deceive anyone waking up to the existence of fascism. I do the real thing at no cost, and don't even weep and wail for donations like Amy Goodman or Daniel Hopsicker (neither of whom are explicitly confronting and researching fascism; both make egregious errors in reporting, evident in the links I've provided). The books are necessary to support my research financially, and believe it or not, if you-all have no interest in them, next year I'll be off the Net, writing privately for publication. And don't even start about recessions - This blog warned you about that well before the agony sent in, and if Americans had paid attention and not sat around watching fart movies and listening to belly-button pop music, we might have met the crisis and fixed it. Do I not counter media "spin?" So buy the books already, survive mentally in the fascist paradise you live in. Learn, resist, or, like the establishment left, continue to treasure victimhood. - AC

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Wingpea said...

I've bought and read every one of your books,,, I always recommend them to people, but No One has ever borrowed them from me and I don't know why. These same people find it difficult to read your website too.