Thursday, November 20, 2008

Op-Ed: Nazi Collaborator Obama, Pandering to the Right, won't Prosecute CIA Torture - Now Comes Sun Myung Moon Urging More "Public Diplomacy"

By Alex Constantine

Obama continues to pander to "conservatives," and they are responding to his message of "hope" - for fascists: "President-elect Obama, we need a new kind of public diplomacy." - Washington Times, November 20, 2008.

Remember, I didn't endorse the Oreo, Inc.-comfort-food-candidate in a suit, but do grant that he has more potential than McCocaine and his heavily-scripted, beauty-contestant Bircher running-mate.

I disavowed any faith in Obama after he showered affection on the "sage" but decrepit Warren Buffett, whose father was a Nazi collaborator, whose insurance company, GEICO, was a CIA creation, and whose investments are genocidal, etc.

First, after courting the most corrupt federal careerists alive to grace his administration, Obama casually announces that he won't pursue prosecution for CIA torture - and the sleepy, media-obsessed, gibbering electorate takes that one in stride.

What's a little torture if it's only "alien" brown-skins held against their will?

Now, in today's Washington Times, this way comes an editorial directed at Obama - "we" need beefed-up "public diplomacy" efforts to get "our message" across?

Message: Torture, illicit wars, concentration camps, secret trials, secret files, illegal surveillance, political assassination, etc. are American ideals.

A little PR abroad to promote phony American "values" accomplishes exactly what?

Exoneration-by-perception-management of the president-elect's Nazi slime friends at the CIA? Waylaying war crimes trials? Shielding Cheney from overdue psychiatric intervention and investigations on a score of fronts?

Obama's cheerleaders at the Washington Times: "Americans are understandably averse to government 'propaganda,'" Sun Myung's government propaganda sheet opines, "if propaganda means deception and manipulation," of the sort plied at the Times. "This is not the same thing as the government explaining to citizens what it is trying to accomplish with their tax dollars. Safeguards for telling the truth can be found to prevent abuse."

Sure-sure. The truth is: We've "accomplished" torture and genocide with our tax dollars.

As an argument for MORE "public diplomacy," this one defeats itself if taken literally and one does not allow "deception and manipulation" to mold one's opinions.

Obama is a pawn in the game - embracing power like an Orwellian farm animal, and the "conservative" pigs are eating it up.

For now, say goodbye to "hope" - unless you are a CIA jackal, in which case, your prospects are golden.

Watch the world die.

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