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Enron-Style Fraud at Coca-Cola & One More Knot in Warren Buffett's Lynch-Noose/Buffett-CIA-Coke Ties to a Uzbek Princess, ZeroMax, GlobalOptions, 9/11

Edited by Alex Constantine (Revised)

Gulnara Karimov, eldest daughter of the President of Uzbekistan, Islam Karimov

Also see: "Coca-Cola & the Nazis/British Comedian Publicizes Coke's Nazi Past," "Some of the Buffett Family's Political, CIA and Nazi Connections," and "Warren Buffett's Father was a Birch Society Nazi" "Warren Buffett ... was on the audit committee of Coca-Cola Co.'s board when the SEC found the soft-drink maker had misled investors about its earnings. ... "

Background from "Warren Buffett Buys Nebraska Furniture Mart, Scott Fetzer and an Airplane for Berkshire Hathaway," "In 1988, he started buying up Coca-Cola stock like an addict. His old neighbor, now the President of Coca-Cola, noticed someone was loading up on shares and became concerned. After researching the transactions, he noticed the trades were being placed from the Midwest. He immediately thought of Buffett, whom he called. Warren confessed to being the culprit and requested they don't speak of it until he was legally required to disclose his holdings at the 5% threshold. Within a few months, Berkshire owned 7% of the company, or $1.02 billion dollars worth of the stock. Within three years, Buffett's Coca-Cola stock would be worth more than the entire value of Berkshire when he made the investment. ... "
9/11: " ... Oddly enough, SunTrust Banks were the most heavily relied upon by the 9/11 hijackers and no one seems to know how they were able to use false social security numbers and still be able to set up bank accounts. ... There is a link between SunTrust and Atta/Coca Cola and Gulnara or ZeroMax at least in theory and of course, SunTrust is Coca Cola and Warren Buffet's Berkshire Hathaway is the main player in both those interlinked entities. ... "

Warren Buffet link to Fugitive Uzbek Princess
(June. 11, 2007 Scoreboard contributor)

Recent articles have noted that the self-styled 'private CIA/FBI' called GlobalOptions has as a client Gulnara Karimov, the daughter of Uzbekistan strongman Islam Karimov. She is wanted by INTERPOL for allegedly leaving New Jersey in 2001 during a custody dispute with her children's father and fleeing to Uzbekistan. INTERPOL issues what it calls 'red notices' for fugitive persons on a global scale. Apparently there is one for her. This information became public in an article published by Harper's Magazine or their online blog on alleged corruption called Washington Babylon.

It is suspected that a company in Uzbekistan known as ZeroMax is an alter ego for the fugitive "Princess of the Uzbeks" as the controlled media calls her. ZeroMax denies that she is involved with them, but allegedly few in her native land believe that. ZeroMax is based in Zug, Switzerland and has the Coca Cola franchise in Uzbekistan among other interests.

ZeroMax is being sued by the former husband of Ms. Gulnara and it is odd how she travels to Russia and Paris untouched in spite of the Interpol fugitive status. One of the defendants along with ZeroMax is Coca Cola itself. The largest shareholder in Coca Cola is Berkshire Hathaway, the investment firm started by the legendary "Oracle" of Omaha, Warren Buffet.

Likewise, SunTrust Bank has a very close relationship with Coca Cola, it goes back to the beginnings of the famous company [No longer - See:]. The relationship between Coca Cola and SunTrust has been described as incestous by a famous left wing activist and organizer. In fact, the original formula for coke sits in one of its bank vaults.

Oddly enough, SunTrust Banks were the most heavily relied upon by the 9/11 hijackers and no one seems to know how they were able to use false social security numbers and still be able to set up bank accounts. Mohammed Atta had money wired to him at his SunTrust account from the UAE.

The Israeli intelligence related website DEBKA indicates that Gulnara Karimov may have links to terrorism. This should be taken with a grain of salt at least since DEBKA may have an agenda for saying this. This article does not agree or disagree nor is able to judge the DEBKA article as to accuracy. The reader must investigate the accuracy independently - but.... There is a link between SunTrust and Atta/Coca Cola and Gulnara or ZeroMax at least in theory and of course, SunTrust is Coca Cola and Warren Buffet's Berkshire Hathaway is the main player in both those interlinked entities.

Further, Coca Cola has long been associated at least in speculation and theory as linked with the CIA. The behavior of Warren Buffet on 9/11 has been the topic of speculation and conspiracy theory. This includes the coincidence of his being at the same military base in Nebraska on that day.

A very odd development is the fact that attorneys from the blue chip firm Crowell & Moring represent ROZ Trading, Ltd. based in New Jersey, USA. They are suing ZeroMax, Coca Cola Export Corporation - which obviously link up to SunTrust Bank and Warren Buffet. The suit also points at Gulnara Karimova, even though that is denied and in dispute. She is a client of GlobalOptions if connected to ZeroMax which is the local partner in Uzbekistan for Coke.

A retired partner in Crowell & Moring sits on the Board of SunTrust Banks. Karen Hastie Williams. Therefore a retired partner in Crowell & Moring sits on the board of Suntrust a company very closely linked to Coca Cola , a defendant along with Zeromax its Uzbek Partner in a lawsuit filed by other Crowell & Moring law firm lawyers.

Ms. Williams was a law clerk for US Supreme Court Justice Thurgood Marshall, who it turns out was a freemason and an informant for the FBI. GlobalOptions is linked to William Webster and William Sessions leaders of the FBI. Webster is the only man to ever head the CIA and the FBI. There are ALLEGED links regarding the 9/11 attacks stock trades in a 'conspiracy theory' site.

One of the suspect options trading companies with alleged links to 9/11 according to the conspiratorial article ... is located as noted on the previous link in Zug, Switzerland. This is also where ZeroMax is based and Zug is the stomping ground of Clinton-pardoned Marc Rich.


Crowell Moring is against the Republic of Uzbekistan, Coca Cola and Zeromax.

Coca Cola is a partner of ZeroMax and closely linked to SunTrust Bank.
A retired partner of Crowell Moring which apparently still has a website at that office sits on the Board of SunTrust Bank.*

(The appearance of a conflict of interest does not imply misconduct - only that the firm should disclose this and move to withdraw as counsel if deemed appropriate.) *

A lot of odd players surround all of this activity, Zug Switzerland, Interpol warrants, Fugitive Princess......Warren Buffet is a major player in Coca Cola, his company's partner in Uzbekistan is ZeroMax linked to the Interpol Fugitive Princess Gulnara Karimova.

1. Terror suspicions against Gulnara by DEBKA. 2. Warren Buffet odd behaviour on 9/11. 3. SunTrust linked to Coca Cola and thus to Warren Buffet was Mohamed Atta's favorite Bank. Warren ....strike 3 - your out as they say in Baseball.
Buffett, SunTrust, Fidelity Savings, Tom Kean, Offutt AFB and 9/11

Buffett's Berkshire Hathaway/SunTrust Banks and 9/11: "Officials said the hijackers appeared to have relied most heavily upon SunTrust Banks for the movement of funds through accounts opened in Florida ... "

"Anne Tatlock found out about the collision of a plane with the North Tower while en route to the U.S. Strategic Command headquarters in Omaha. The 62-year-old chief executive of Fiduciary Trust Co. International was one of a small group of business leaders at a charity event hosted by Warren Buffett. Military officers boarded the bus she was on, and escorted her to an officer's lounge and a television, just in time to see the second plane hit the South Tower between the 87th and 93rd floors--right where 650 of her employees worked. Fiduciary, which today manages $44 billion of securities for pension plans, endowments and wealthy individuals..." - Forbes (10/15/01)

WHO ELSE ATTENDED BUFFETT'S CHARITY EVENT AT OFFUTT?: " ... Warren Buffett hosted this event. Rush Limbaugh said on the air that he was there also. Then there is the group of top Pentagon officials who suddenly canceled travel plans on September 10th due to security concerns. ... "

Anne Tatlock

" ... Tatlock is on the board of Merck and Howard Hughes Medical Center."

THE FIDUCIARY TRUST 9/11 TERROR DRILL: " ... Fiduciary Trust, located in the south tower, had scheduled an emergency drill for the day." NY Times (03/31/06) clip. ... "

FIDUCIARY TRUST AND 9/11: " ... Thomas H. Kean, Coca-Cola executive - sits on the BOD of a Fortune 500 company [Franklin Resources, based in San Mateo, California] which owns the company (Fiduciary Trust) which had offices where Flight 175 hit the South tower of the WTC. ...

Also on the BOD of Franklin was the CEO of Fiduciary, Anne Tatlock, who had a famous near miss- being out of the office that day in order to attend Warren Buffett’s celebrity charity event, arriving at Offutt AFB just in time to witness the second plane hit the South tower. Of course, Offutt is where Dubya would land later in the day; the same location where Brent Scowcroft was en route to observe the nuclear wargame Global Guardian… "

Kean has long served as director of Fiduciary Trust Co. and FRANKLIN RESOURCES.

Franklin acquired Fiduciary Trust FIVE MONTHS before the WTC collapsed and profited handsomely from the tragedy: "Only five months before the attacks, mutual fund firm Franklin bought Fiduciary - a 70-year-old asset manager catering to high-net worth clients and institutional investors - for $825 million.... Through the first two weeks after the attacks, Franklin had paid out $16.46 million in benefits payments to victims' families, according to its annual report to the U.S. Securities and Exchange Commission. Franklin could write off $19.8 million in lease, property and equipment leases - and recover an estimated $27.2 million from insurance ... "
GlobalOptions & the CIA

Washington Insiders Lend Helping Hand to “Princess of Uzbeks”
By Ken Silverstein

On its website, GlobalOptions, a Washington-based corporate security and investigations firm, describes itself as a “private CIA, Defense Department, Justice Department, and FBI, all rolled into one,” and says it offers attorneys, crisis communications specialists, investigators, former senior policymakers and even commandos who can be mobilized on a moment’s notice to protect you, your employees, corporate reputation, bottom line, and share holder value.

The company does not reveal who it works for but pledges “absolute loyalty to our clients, because we believe that clients are the most important people in the world.”

According to recently filed court documents, GlobalOptions clients include Zeromax, a Swiss-based holding company widely reported to be the property of Gulnara Karimova, the powerful daughter of Uzbek dictator Islam Karimov. (A well-placed source told me that she exercises control over the company through a chain of individuals, including two whom she directly employed.) Gulnara, like the rest of the Karimov clan, has grown fabulously wealthy through corruption. She’s also the subject of an Interpol arrest warrant because she fled the United States with her children after losing a child-custody battle with her ex-husband, an American citizen.

GlobalOptions was founded in 1998 by Neil Livingstone, a former Pentagon and State Department advisor who frequently appears on TV to opine about terrorism. Livingstone was once one of the voices issuing repeated public calls for the overthrow of Saddam Hussein, and following the American invasion, GlobalOptions began to offer consulting services to companies doing business in Iraq. Now he calls for destabilizing the Iranian regime. In addition to Livingstone, a host of big name insiders hold top positions at the firm, including former CIA director James Woolsey and former FBI and CIA director William Webster.

GlobalOptions recently went public and a 10-K filing with the Securities and Exchange Commission says that its “foreign clients operate primarily in Russia and the Caribbean.” The Wall Street Journal has reported that GlobalOptions has worked for a Cyprus-based firm called Highrock Holdings, which is controlled by a shady Ukrainian businessman named Dimytro Firtash. “In 2003-2005, Mr. Firtash brokered several billion-dollar deals between Gazprom and the government of Ukraine,” the Journal said. “They netted big profits for Highrock–and criticism from the U.S. ambassador to the Ukraine at the time for the deals’ lack of transparency . . . [I]n a recent lawsuit filed by GlobalOptions against Highrock claiming unpaid bills, the security firm alleged that Mr. Firtash hired GlobalOptions for an unspecified ‘special operation’ on behalf of a Ukrainian government official.”

GlobalOptions is now in the middle of another lawsuit with Livingstone, who left the firm after it went public to start a new company called Executive Action. Because Executive Action provides roughly identical services, GlobalOptions is accusing Livingstone of seeking to steal away its clients. Livingstone explained his position in a letter to clients explaining his departure, which I obtained from court records: “I did not like the bureaucratic and other constraints of a public company, nor was I comfortable with some of the disclosures that have to be made, especially concerning our discreet clients and cases.”

Among the documents from that lawsuit is an e-mail to Livingstone from Tom Ondeck, who runs a crisis management unit for GlobalOptions. A recent New York Times story detailed the role played by Ondeck–a disbarred attorney, according to the Times–in bringing a luxury golf resort to Akwa Ibom, a remote, desperately poor state in Nigeria. The letter identified four clients that Ondeck and Livingstone served jointly, and which GlobalOptions planned to keep: Akwa Ibom, Hayground Cove Asset Management, the Motley Rice law firm, and Zeromax. (I called Ondeck at GlobalOptions to ask him about the Zeromax account, but he declined to return my phone call.)

Gulnara, a would-be singer, is considered a possible successor to her father. A story in the Guardian identified $60 million in assets belonging to Gulnara, which included nightclubs, investment holdings, and a recording studio. That is believed to be a very small portion of her overall wealth, which reportedly includes stakes in energy and telecommunications ventures as well. “Uzbek media,” said the newspaper, “which are tightly state-controlled, have praised Ms. Karimova for charity works, dubbing her the Princess of Uzbeks.” It looks like GlobalOptions is Princess Gulnara’s escort to the Washington Ball.
Gulnara and Daddy's Death Squads

“ ... She [Gulnara Karimova] owns nothing directly, but everyone knows who is in control.” All this is possible thanks to “daddy” and the disappearance of competitors–the effectiveness of the SNB, the Uzbek secret services, is sadly well known. ... "

July 8, 2008

Washington Babylon
By Ken Silverstein

Northern Italy’s leading daily, La Stampa of Turin, reports on the “Unavoidable Rise of the Beautiful Gulnara,” on Gulnara Karimova, the daughter of Uzbekistan’s autocrat-for-life Islam Karimov. When daddy rules with an iron hand, and you’re the heir apparent, the sky is truly the limit.

Her wishes are orders. Everything she wants, she gets… She graduated from Harvard and took a doctorate in political science from the University of Tashkent, she holds a karate black belt and is a poet, singer, jewelry designer, goes wild over luxury goods, haute couture, and gemstones, she directs the Center for Political Studies of Uzbekistan, and is the founding president of a charitable foundation, founding president of the Forum of Uzbek Culture and Art and Advisor-Minister Plenipotentiary in Uzbekistan’s embassy in Russia, and finally—but most significantly—she is a voracious and ruthless business woman.

Today, according to some analysts, the woman known simply as ‘the daughter’ owns half the country. In 2001, she divorced her first husband, an American of Afghan-Uzbek origin, and set out to build her own empire. Hotels, restaurants, night clubs, a television chain (TV Markaz), a radio station (Earth), a magazine (Bella Terra), a mobile phone company … nothing resists her bulimic impulses …People talk about the “Gulnarization” of Uzbekistani industry.

“She owns nothing directly, but everyone knows who is in control.” All this is possible thanks to “daddy” and the disappearance of competitors–the effectiveness of the SNB, the Uzbek secret services, is sadly well known.
Karimova's Think-Tank

" ... Karimova also supervises the Center [for] Political Studies, a think-tank on internal and external policy of Uzbekistan, regional security, economy and international development. It has close partnership ties with a number of foreign research centers. ... "
Karimova's Think-Tank and USAID Sponsor a Security Conference

May 26, 2008

From: "CAPS' analyst participates in an international conference in Uzbekistan":

The Foundation for Regional Policy of Uzbekistan (FRP) and the Center for Political Studies (CPS), Uzbekistan with support from the Organization for Security and Co-operation in Europe (OSCE), USAID and Institute for New Democracies (IND) organized the international conference “Problems of ensuring security and sustainable development in Central Asia” in Tashkent, Uzbekistan ...
Center for Political Studies – caprice of President’s daughter or a real think-tank?
Posted by Mansurhon
March 28, 2008

When Center for Political Studies was founded by Alisher Fayzullaev, one of the first diplomats who represented our country in UK in mid-90th he couldn’t imagine that his brainchild would generate Gulnara Karimova’s interest in political studies in future.

“He gathered 20-25 most active students of the University of World Economy and Diplomacy and called those who were interested to make proposals on topics and fields for academic researches. Also he conducted specialized courses on Leadership, meetings with outstanding academicians, politicians both local and foreign. It hadn’t had a big interest of any governmental structures and functionalized as an NGO.” – says one of the students participated in that meeting.

Gulnara Karimova, who wasn’t well-known enough as a public figure and her (or her father’s) PR-agents decided to start the campaign of creating new image of President’s elder daughter with appropriation of CPS.

The first wise thing Gulnara Karimova did was blocking the passageway from the first floor to the second in one of the blocks of the University of World Economy and Diplomacy with security aims in order to let her have free safe (from whom and what?) way to her new office. While the passageway for student which used to pass by this way was transferred close to the Rector’s office. It became looking like courtyard without any hint to the Rector’s presence on the reverse side of the wall.

And no one expressed indignation because of impertinent appropriation of the CPS, even Alisher Fayzullaev. He had to be silent because he knew who is the new owner of the Center.

Ambitious Director held pompous opening of the Center as if it was opened by her and the Center didn’t exist before the presentation. But after a little period of time she put her deputy instead of herself and used to visit “her” center once a week, or more rare.

Nowadays there is no conference on political issues when CPS isn’t announced as a partner-organizer: starting from Gaz&Oil-Uzbekistan Conference which is held annually and ending with negotiations on governmental level.

After becoming popular as a pop-star everybody found in Googoosha a new side of Gulnara Karimova. After she was assigned with Islam Karimov’s special decree to a new position of deputy minister on cultural affairs within Ministry of foreign affairs, everybody found her a good political leader. All these reincarnations were supposed to be understood by people of Uzbekistan as a presentation of a new potential political leader of Uzbekistan and heiress of Presidential throne of Islam Karimov. ...

So, what is CPS looking for in the future: to be recognized as a real think-tank or stay as another [un]successful experiment of President’s PR-agents?–-caprice-of-president’s-daughter-or-a-real-think-tank/

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