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STRATEGUM GROUP, Republican Death, Destruction and Miss Dale, the Mistress

By Michelle Looney
[See for supporting documents. - AC]

The Republican political planners, Strategum Group, is one of those "dogs" the press seems to have let lie. After all, two Orlando men, roommates Ralph Gonzalez and David Abrami, were gunned down by a N.C. friend, Robert Jason Drake, who then committed suicide on the spot. All sorts of rumors surrounded the story including suggestions of a homosexual love affair, and other accounts indicated it could have been part of a broader coverup.

Several very powerful people were involved with the Strategum Group. But for my own personal losses, and the connections, I'm only looking at a few, other than the Las Vegas Connections. Attorney Michael Broadbear.... had investments in Las Vegas.

All Republicans - so far.

First, Congressman Tom Price, a resident of Roswell, Georgia, a physician, Republican. Price was a Strategum client. Roswell, Georgia police arrested my son, Gerard J. Sniffen, III, and my son had come home complaining that he'd given police no reason to pull him over. His railroad executive father had hired a local Roswell attorney and things had gone well. But close to a year later when my son disappeared in Coweta County, Georgia, the only way of identifying the body was through fingerprints, and those identifying fingerprints were supplied by Roswell, Georgia PD.

Price was also connected to Emory University and Grady Hospital through his medical practices. These were two corruption chronicles the English publication, The New Criminologist, was tackling in 2005, along with "The Grady Coalition."

Second, my son, before he disappeared to Republican Baldwin County, Alabama, had told me his father, my husband, had a mistress. His mistress, I would later learn through family, had a computer consulting business, and was said to have freelanced with the State of Georgia, and other companies. My husband's mistress was from Roswell, Georgia. She had a sister, and mother connected with medicine, and strong Florida connections. His mistress had appeared about the time my son had disappeared, nearly as though it had all been prearranged.

When my son told me of his father's mistress, I had asked my husband who the strange lady was who called. He became angry, and our son was chastised and brought to tears. And our son also knew I hadn't attacked our daughter as would later be filed in a Cobb County court. He knew his father had lied to police. The last time I saw my son alive was in a Cobb County, Georgia court.

If you go here [link], you will see my ex-husband, Gerard J. Sniffen, Jr., his mistress and boat, "Miss Dale." Included in the photos, is J.W. Fox, Jr. and wife, former Vice President of Coal Sales for Norfolk Southern Railroad, and some photos of my children, and some Port St. Lucie, Florida area sharks. Curiously, Miss Dale hasn't yet proudly published pictures of her own two Atlanta Tilinski sons at the site, but she's proudly displayed my children.

Kenneth Schatten, my Atlanta attorney, with Private Detective Billy Carter present had said in 1999, "We believe your husband murdered your son." I refused to believe it but now realize Schatten could have been telling the truth because my son could have destroyed the divorce settlement had he testified about the mistress, and lies to police. But it also could have been the mistress and her Roswell connections. Atlanta Attorney Michael Broadbear is most probably the man with the answers who made the win-the-divorce arrangements.

And somewhere among these not-so-noble human connections, there is a marijuana/cocaine/mob-drug network tied into it all that connects to Houston County, Georgia, home of Kentucky's first Republican Governor in decades; Cobb County, Georgia; Alabama, and Kentucky. It's a crime scene CSI and "Unsolved Mysteries" hasn't opened, and real, live politicians tremble at the thought.

Last time I saw him alive, my son came to me in the hall of the Cobb County court house, and was looking behind him to be sure he couldn't be heard. He said in a whisper, "Mom I don't want to do this." I said to him, " Just, tell the truth. It's all you have to do." My son looked at me and then glanced behind... and looked back into my eyes, and was extremely frightened.

I wouldn't understand his fears until I received information he was dead in Baldwin County, Alabama. His body lay in a Mobile, Alabama morgue for several weeks, even while he was being memorialized in Cobb County, Georgia on Christmas Eve. Railroaders attended his Georgia funeral Christmas Eve, without realizing his body was still in storage in Alabama.

I didn't attend. Cobb County would have arrested me for "violation of a protective order," and I knew it was a setup. It had all been arranged.

It was interesting that Strategum Group was Republican. Strategum Group was also spread across three Southern States: Alabama, Georgia and Florida. And then they had some curious Las Vegas Connections.

That Strategum Group was a Feeney proponent wasn't surprising. He's said to be one of the most corrupt Congressmen in the country. The story of Ray Lemme's "suicide," the Chinese, Chris Curtis, and rigged voting machines is enough to send a real American's blood curdling.

But another curious Strategum Group customer is Alabama's Attorney General, Troy King. It's difficult to think former Governor Don Siegelman could get any kind of fair trial with Republicans as powerful as these grouped under the Strategum umbrella.

Worst if Siegelman is dealing at all with Baldwin County, the coroner owns the funeral home, and the coroner's son is an investigator; and the deputy represents himself as the sheriff, and if you want public records, according to Mr. Garner, you have to get a subpoena, but first, hire a lawyer. And it goes on and on to where one says the A.B.I. investigated and the other says, "No we did not investigate." And the A.B.I. agent has the same last name as the Judge so you wonder if the entire county is inbred.

I'm no longer surprised I couldn't get Alabama Attorney General Mr. King interested in my son's case.

I'd seen that tactic of being redirected many times before. It's how the politicians and questionable lawyers work to run folks past the statutes of limitations, past the brink of patience, kindness and understanding, and past the point of life itself. React adversely and you might go to prison or be locked away forever, ma'am. That's one of the legal tricks lawyers use, and they have plenty of them.

Still to come: the story of Thomas G. Schlette, former employee of Pinkerton Government Security, tenant of D.L. Rickard, and security guard for Vaught Aircraft, the Bush owned Stuart Facility. A few of Tommy's last words were, "I golf with Mark Foley." Right after Schlette's "overdose," Foley was splattered all over the National news. Schlette lived in Florida, Port St. Lucie, and later the Melborne area renting from D.L. Rickard, before fatally overdosing May 3, 2006 and he maintained for nearly four years my son was still alive and had been relocated secretly. Tommy's complete story, with pictures and emails will be provided.

Below is a list of Strategum Group clients:

Next: How it connects to North Carolina, South Carolina and Dog Shows..... and how Port St. Lucie's Tommy Schlette connected to the Bush Air Craft Facility and Stuart/St. Lucie Attorney Willie Gary, who connected with Kenneth Schatten for an Atlanta court case in a paternity suit of two little twin daughters.


Ben Abney Superior Court Judge GA - Cherokee County,
Dean Cannon, State Representative GA -R, Winter Park, Florida
Barbara Cegavske, Senator NV
Dick Van Der Weide Seminole Commission FL SANFORD, FLORIDA
Tom Feeney Cngress FL Oviedo, FL near Orlando
Andy Gardiner SRep FL Orlando
Ed Homan SREP FL
Mary House Superior Court Judge FGA
Jack Quisinberry Winter Garden Mayor FL
Jim Carns County Commission AL
John Ozark Assembly NV
Kimberly Mitchell West Palm Commission FL
Troy King AG Alabama
Gene Maddox SRep GA----
Perry McGuire S Rep GA
Sheri McInvale S Rep FL
Steve Precourt S. Rep Orlando
John Quinones S Rep FL
Rhonda Skipper Tax Collector FL
Rich Giorioso FL House FL
Skip Rolquin City Council GA --- orig from Orlando, now Atl
Ronnie Chance S Senate: GA ---- Peachtree/Coweta? church
Harold Sachs S. Senate AL
Siedlecki for SRep FL
Michael Smith Assembly NV
Steve Grierson Assembly NV
Tom Price Congress GA
Valerie Weber Assembly NV----
Weldon for Congress FL ---
Tom Lee for Chief Financial Officer FL
Scott Beeason S Senate AL
Phillip Wood Court of Civil Appeals AL
Steve King, Circuit Judge AL

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