Monday, October 26, 2009

UK: Peaceful Protesters Included on Police Database of 'Domestic Extremists'

Peaceful protesters are being included on a national police database of activists including animal rights activists, far-right groups and other ‘domestic extremists’, according to reports.

By Ian Johnston
26 Oct 2009

Personal details about thousands of people – said to include those only suspected of minor public order offences such as peaceful direct action and civil disobedience – are being compiled on a database run by the National Public Order Intelligence Unit (NPOIU).

The data includes pictures of people taken demonstrations and other observations made by police on the scene, such as vehicle registration numbers. These enable cars to be tracked using automatic number plate recognition (ANPR) cameras.

The Guardian reported that a man with no criminal record was stopped more than 25 times in less than three years after he went to a small protest against duck and pheasant shooting. ...



Medawar said...

The trouble with this is, just about all UK protest groups, including "SHAC" and the Animal Rights Militia" claim to be peaceful!

We've had peaceful beatings, peaceful arsons, a peaceful decapitation using a (hired) gyrocopter.

Medawar suspects that if there was less of this, there would be less occasion/excuse for heavy-handed policing. There is no equivalence between SHAC and the White Rose movement in Nazi Germany, nor is Lynn Sawyer Anne Frank.

Medawar said...

This ties together two of your interests in a disturbing way:

Actually, links between the ALF and "Column 88" go back to at least 1979. They are very, very determined to lie about this, though.

However, this blogger doesn't appear to know about Gurjeet Ajula, a convicted Animal rights postal bomber from Coventry. (Most of the Coventry ALF at the time worked in the Royal Mail sorting office, and pretty well all of them lived near each other too. However, even the Nazis thought that "Aryan" Indians were worth cultivating, and there are few more "nearly fascist" political parties in the world than the BJP! Basically, Ajula lived near Nancy Phipps and was thereby radicalised into the ALF before Bin Laden and Abu Hamza even got off the starting blocks.)