Wednesday, April 22, 2009

Flight 3407 Crash: Aviation "Expert" Randall Brink's Fraudulent Resumé

By Alex Constantine

Randall Brink (or not)

And now we come to the Randall Brink mystery - possibly the most flagrant fraud examined so far ...


1) The J.C. Reiter Law Firm, located in the Empire State Building, is retaining Randall Brink, an "aviation expert" (author of a book on alleged OSS spy Amelia Earhart) who blames pilots and crew for the crash of Flight 3407 on February 12 at Clarence Center. (Background: I phoned attorney J.C. Reiter, who told me that Mr. Brink contacted him with "information" about the crash. It became obvious to me during the phone conversation that Jonathan Reiter knows next to nothing about Brink. When I offered that Mr. Brink is claiming to own companies that do not exist, Reiter seemed genuinely dumbfounded and promised to look into it. The attorney pointed out something I'd already noticed - that Brink only relates information about the crash already available from public media sources.)

2) A Randall Brink interview posted at notes that Brink is the chairman and president of Pan Pacific Airline in Burlington, Washington. A Google search for "Pan Pacific Airline in Burlington, Washington" results in two articles from ... and nowhere else. (The actual Pan Pacific went out of business in 1938. There IS a Pan Pacific Aviation located in Georgia, but it trains pilots and is not an airline.) This company only exists, as far as I can determine, in the pages of and the Prague Post, neither of which offers confirmation.

3) A letter to the Prague Post from Charles Peake, Structured Finance Division, Commerzbank Aktiengesellschaft: "Pan Pacific Airways does not even own any planes - PPA is an idea."

4) Pan Pacific is "fictional" - Wikia Entertainment entry: "Pan Pacific is a fictional airline seen briefly in [the movie] Two for the Road.

5) Randal Brink Resumé Posted on the Internet. Mr. Brink claims, among his bona fides, that he owns UST Corporation (or USTurboprop), an "airline", is creative head for Davenport Entertainment Corporation in Century City, is chairman of EuroAmerican Aerospace. Problems:

A Google Search for "USTurbojet" produces no results apart from the Randall Brink resumé. There are a couple of UST Corporations - one is a bank, the other a tobacco company. Neither is "owned" by Brink.

* I called 411 for the phone number of Davenport Entertainment Corporation in Century City. No such company is listed, I'm told. I could find no such company on the Internet.

EuroAmerican Aerospace - This company only exists in Brink's resumé (see Google search).
Randall Brink Opines on the Crash of Flight 3407, Blames Pilots

1) Wrongful Death Attorney New York - J.C. Reiter Retains Aviation Expert

New York City, New York ( — An aviation expert retained by the J.C. Reiter Law Firm, Randall Brink who has 30 years of senior airline management experience leading US and international Airline companies, states that the plane’s loss of air speed and inappropriate response by the flight crew were substantial factors in causing the crash of Continental Airlines Flight 3407 in Clarence Center, New York on February 12, 2009, killing 50 people. ...
2) Randall Brink Interview/Brink's Pan Pacific Airline Doesn't Exist

Randall Brink Interview at "Pan Pacific Plans for LET-420 Flights to Small US Communities."
3) Pan Pacific is an "Idea," not a Going Concern

Letter to the Prague Post

LET point

[Re: "Ray of hope," Oct. 4- 11]: ... If you had done even the slightest bit of investigation you would have realized that Pan Pacific Airways does not even own any planes -- PPA is an idea. It appears that you were wooed by [PPA President Randall] Brink's skills at dealing with the media, as he himself is a contributing editor to an airline magazine.

Charles Peake
Structured finance
Commerzbank Aktiengesellschaft
Prague Branch
Prague 2
5) Randall Brink Resumé is Fictional

"President - Head of Creative Development, Davenport Entertainment Corporation (Motion Pictures and Film industry) November 2008 — Present (6 months)

"Davenport Entertainment Corporation is a motion-picture production and distribution company.

"Owner, UST Corporation
(Airlines/Aviation industry)
August 2004 — February 2009 (4 years 7 months)

"USTurbojet is a jet aircraft management and operating company.

"Chairman, President and Chief Executive Officer - EuroAmerican Aerospace
(Privately Held; 51-200 employees; Aviation & Aerospace industry)
March 2000 — December 2005 (5 years 10 months)

"EuroAmerican Aero is the primary technical design and manufacturing unit of my group of companies. EuroAmerican Aero is based in the Czech Republic. ..."

AC NOTE: Google search UST Corporation, Davenport Entertainment and EuroAmerican - they only exist in Randall Brink's resumé (see #5 in the opening summary).

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