Saturday, April 4, 2009

Photo Corner: The Painted Desert

The sweltering Death Valley wasteland where I go to suffer like a beast of burden in the sun - had a fantastic time. These dunes were shot at first light. (click to enlarge)

A rare rainstorm gathers over Telescope Peak, rising from the valley floor in the distance. Photo taken from the west (click to enlarge)

Telescope Peak from the southeast. The mountains in the Badwater area are hundreds of millions of years old, dating to the supercontinent period of geological history. They are strikingly colorful. Artist's Pallet, a jumble of multi-colored rock formations, is just up the road a piece (click to enlarge)

1 comment:

Stephanie said...

Can we play 'I spy' for a moment?

I spy: chemtrails in the last photo. Urgh. I can't appreciate beauty for what it really is anymore because I see life now, for what it truly is. We are fucked. :(

Hold the phone. Let's try and flip this around ...

Besides the sky, the pictures are beautiful! Glad you are enjoying some time off and are sharing it here.

Take care soldier! :)