Friday, September 25, 2009

Gov. Mark Sanford - Kenneth Starr's Guardian Angel

Caveat: The irony in this letter to the editor gave me a headache. I advise that readers do not think about it too much. - AC

Respite for Sanford?
09/02/2009 - 09/08/2009

I find it interesting that there has been virtually nothing from the press about the irony of Gov. Mark Sanford’s situation, especially his calling for a respite from criticism to allow him to focus on his role as governor for the remaining months of his term.

From the time Sanford entered Congress as part of the Gingrich-led “revolution” of 1994, Sanford was an active member of the pack that pursued former President Clinton. Each time Kenneth Starr needed his “investigation” renewed and budgets increased, Sanford was right there as part of the posse. I do not recall a single instance in which Sanford said that those continuing “investigations” constituted an impediment to Clinton’s effectiveness as president.

I wonder if Sanford now thinks that being governor of South Carolina is a more demanding position than president of the United States and requires less distraction.

George Vann

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